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Yan Loong Legend Instructions

Control the movement of your character with the WASD keys; the I key brings up your skill panel, the J key is used for attacking, the K key is used for jumping, and the L key is used for Qigong skills. As the game progresses, you'll learn new skills and combos from various books you'll come across; some of these will develop your Qigong skills, while others will show you how to perform complex combos that can do massive amounts of damage.

Yan Loong Legend Walkthrough

Qigong skills, combo books, and hordes of enemy ninjas are just some of the things you'll have to deal with on the first level of Yan Loong Legend - an action game with various RPG elements. You control Yan Loong, a Qigong student that's trying to end all the fighting in homeland by, well, fighting of course. Yan Loong is able to throw fireballs and perform awesome combos with his skills, and they're definitely necessary when you encounter some of the bosses later in the game.

You'll start out Yan Loong Legend on the first level - a peaceful valley infested with robbers and ninjas. While the robbers are standard enemy fodder, enemy ninjas can be difficult while you're at a low level - you'll gain experience while fighting enemies, and every so often you'll level up. Like any other RPG game, leveling up increases your HP, MP, and attack power. You won't have to worry about grinding in Yan Loong Legend, either, since the game is pretty well paced.

As you're running through a level you'll start coming across combo books - some of these will teach you combos you can already perform, while others will teach you super combos and new Qigong skills, like bigger fireballs. Although it may seem like a waste of time to pay attention to these, upgrading your Qigong skills (you can equip new skills in the I-key menu) is essential - they become a lot more powerful as the game progresses.

With tons of bosses, waves of enemies, and some really powerful Qigong skills, Yan Loong Legend is one action/RPG game you won't want to miss. The difficulty is brisk and really kicks in as the game goes on - but it's never too difficult.