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Wasted Youth: Part 1 Instructions

Wasted Youth: Part 1 is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Press the spacebar to interact with objects and NPCs and to advance dialogue. The P key pauses the game.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 Walkthrough

Wasted Youth: Part 1 is a role-playing game developed by GPStudios, the creators of the Bunny Invasion series. This RPG features simple controls, over twenty-five missions, sixty achievements, and the humor that we have come to expect in games by GPStudios. Some of this humor may not be appropriate for younger players, so parental discretion is advised.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 puts you in the role of a student at St. Frost's Academy, a boarding school for slackers and delinquents. The feel of this RPG does justice to this backstory, since there seems to be a lot of aimless wandering. Missions will be issued after speaking to various characters, however. Walk around the school by using the arrow keys and interact with objects and people by pressing the spacebar. Once you have gotten your bearings, enter the cafeteria (the room with a green arrow pointing into it) and prepare for your first mission.

Your first mission in Wasted Youth: Part 1 is to get some pudding for your tubby friend, Eugene. Head north and talk to the lunch lady. After some brief dialogue, she will give you some tapioca pudding. Go back to Eugene and give him the pudding. Mission accomplished! In exchange for your efforts, Eugene will give you a Piggymon card (an obvious parody of Pokemon). There are fifty Piggymon cards that can be found in the school, some by completing missions or side-quests.

There are twenty-eight more missions to complete in this role-playing game, but I'll leave those up to you. You may use your minimap to find missions close to your location, but if you want an overview of the entire school, you will have to use the large map. You may access this map by opening the pause menu (P key). You may also review mission objectives, access your inventory, view your Piggymon collection, and more from the pause menu.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 is a humorous role-playing game that is straightforward and simple. This simplicity makes Wasted Youth: Part 1 a great RPG for casual gamers with time to spare, but hardcore gamers that expect monsters to battle and characters to level may be disappointed.