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Valthirian Arc Instructions

Valthirian Arc is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Select actions and interact with the game's interface by using the mouse. Select characters using the 1 - 4 number keys. The Q, W, and E keys change stances. The spacebar is used to perform a principal invitation when the bar is full. Press the shift key to gather students when they are stuck.

Valthirian Arc Walkthrough

Valthirian Arc is a role-playing game that puts you in the role of the principal of a royal academy. This RPG features amazing audio, anime-inspired artwork,

Valthirian Arc features two gameplay modes. The first mode is Official Arc, which is the primary mode of the game. This mode of the game is a survival mode. The second mode is Breeze Arc, which is an endless mode. You cannot lose in this mode, so it is great for beginners to practice the game. For the sake of this walkthrough, I will be explaining Official Arc.

In the Official Arc gameplay mode, you must acquire enough fame to pass the king's inspections. Failure to pass inspections results in loss and termination of the game. In order to increase your fame rating, you will have to manage, train, and graduate students. This role-playing game has four tabs in its menu: the Organize tab, where students' attributes are viewed and they can be assigned to parties, the Rune List tab which displays the game's thirty-nine achievements, the Academy Stat tab which displays the statistics of your academy and the most-demanded field of study, and the Quests tab where you can embark on quests. The first time that you open a tab, Eve, your advisor, will explain its usage to you.

The outcome of the game depends upon your skills as a principal. I will help you get started, however. To begin, make sure that four of your students are assigned to a party number by checking the Organize tab. Once four students have been assigned a party number, click on the Quests tab and begin the first quest. Battles in this role-playing game are conducted similar to those of real-time strategy games, the exception being that raw materials are not harvested and bases are not built. To select students, use the 1, 2, 3, or 4 number keys. You may also click on their portraits at the bottom of the screen. Click to move students or click on enemies to order them to attack. Over time, the Principal Intervention bar will increase. When this bar is full, press spacebar to intervene and enhance your students' abilities. Completing quests rewards learning points (this RPG's form of experience) and money. There is no penalty or reward for failing quests.

Aside from quests, you must manage your students academic performance. Use learning points earned in battle to enhance your students' abilities. Graduating your best students increases your fame, but also leaves your party weaker, so be careful when making decisions. After graduating students, make sure to enroll new students to replace them. Keep this cycle going and you will excel in this role-playing game. Make sure to rotate students on quests so that they all have a chance to learn!

Valthirian Arc is a cute role-playing game that is entertaining and addictive. If you are a fan of hardcore hack-and-slash RPGs, however, you may be disappointed by the cuteness and mild action of Valthirian Arc.