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Ultimate Tactics Instructions

Ultimate Tactics is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface, move your characters, execute commands, and pick locks.

Ultimate Tactics Walkthrough

Ultimate Tactics is a role-playing game from the makers of Ultimate Defense series of games. Ultimate Tactics features outstanding graphics and audio, a plethora of enemies to face, a variety of characters to aide you in your quest, and just enough of a storyline to move the game along between battles.

The objective of Ultimate Tactics is to complete each battle by defeating all enemies on the field. Each unit in this role-playing game has health points (HP). When a unit's HP reaches zero, that unit is destroyed.

Units may move and attack once per turn. Unlike other tactics games, you may also attack before moving in Ultimate Tactics. This may be helpful if you wish to hit an enemy then run away. Use of proper tactics is more rewarding than brute force in this RPG. Attacking from higher ground or from behind deals more damage. This also applies to your characters, so be careful! Try to capture high ground and maneuver behind your enemies to gain an easier victory, but make sure that your enemies don't get behind you!

Some killed enemies will drop items in Ultimate Tactics. Items and gold will automatically be added to your inventory at the end of each battle. Chests that are dropped, however, must be picked up on the battlefield. To pick up a chest, move one of your characters to its square. Treasure chests must be picked after battles to get the goodies inside. To pick a lock, you will need a lock pick. Click on the status button to open the status menu, then click on the treasures button. Select the treasure that you would like to attempt to pick, then click on the pick that you wish to use. The stronger the lock pick, the easier it will be to open the chest. Click and drag around the lock, then hold your mouse in position when the pick begins to shake. After a few seconds, the chest will be opened. If the pick breaks before you manage to open the chest, however, you will lose the pick and have to try again with a new one!

To gain experience in Ultimate Tactics, you will have to kill enemies. Hurting enemies will grant you some experience, but the character that lands the killing blow on an enemy will gain bonus experience. Characters will increase in statistics and abilities when they level up. If you want to keep a balanced force in this role-playing game, you will have to kill enemies with each of your characters. It's OK to have a favorite character, but allowing them to get all of the kills could be detrimental to the rest of your squad.

Ultimate Tactics is a role-playing game that will thrill fans of tactics-based games. Ultimate Tactics is a grand adventure, but luckily for us, progress is automatically saved, so you can return to your quest at any time!