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Turn Based Battle Instructions

Point and click to move around, attack the enemy, and purchase upgraded spells, weapons, and items. As the game goes on, you'll gain three more allies and fight even more enemies.

Turn Based Battle Walkthrough

You'll start out with James as your first character - with another three joining you later in the game. You'll gain Jane as a party member towards the end of your first battle - yes, James is supposed to die at first- and you'll be able to purchase new spells, items, and weapons as you gain money in the random battle. While James only starts out with a rolled up newspaper as a weapon, you'll be able to buy much better weapons as the game goes on, like the JRPG blade - increasing your attack by 160%

But there are greater factors that determine how strong your attack is. Leveling up is probably the most prevalent - as you level up, you'll gain defensive points as well as offensive ones, so having a high level through the random battle (like the name of the game suggests) is just as important as having a strong weapon.

If you haven't figured it out already, the game only consists of one turn-based battle. Once you kill the first enemy, they'll be a stronger one, and then another stronger one - it's actually pretty funny, and the gameplay works, at least for an RPG game. You'll gain party members at certain points in the game, so once you really start making money, you'll be able to purchase expensive spells and weapons.

There is one tricky point in the game, however. James has to die in order to gain Jane as a party member. She'll show up as soon as he faints, and the game will tell you to purchase a vegimight sandwich to revive him. However, after you revive James, you'll want to heal him, too. Otherwise, since he's only revived with small amount of hp, he'll faint again and you'll be too low on gold for another chance.

In the end, Turn Based Battle is a fun RPG game that pokes fun at other RPG games - it's good for a play through, too. If you like most RPG games, anyways, you'll be able to pick up on what the game is making fun of - but it's still a great RPG to play regardless.