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Trigger Knight Instructions

Trigger Knight is controlled by using the mouse. Click your mouse to trigger actions such as buying weapons or using items.

Trigger Knight Walkthrough

Trigger Knight is Trigger Knight features anime-style graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, five achievements, ten weapon types, and ten armor types.

The objective of Trigger Knight is to survive for as long as possible. Combat is automatically handled by your character, so there is no need for you to mash buttons or select attacks. In this role-playing game, you play as a supporter for the knight, buying weapons, armor, and elixirs to increase her chances of survival. If your knight's HP or lifespan reach zero, then the game will end. Each time that you play, you will have to start from the beginning, but your maximum progress and achievements are saved.

Trigger Knight is controlled by using the mouse, more-specifically, the left mouse button. As your knight runs past shops and shrines, click the mouse button to trigger actions such as buying items or increasing lifespan at the expense of gold. In combat, you may click the left mouse button to use an elixir on the knight and restore some of her HP. It may be tempting to click while the knight is battling an enemy, but refrain from doing this unless you want to heal her, otherwise, you may waste a precious elixir!

The key to success in this role-playing game is timing. Pay attention to buildings that your knight runs in front of. Increasing the power of her weapons and armor is paramount to defeating enemies. You cannot control the knight's actions, but keeping her well-equipped is helpful. Be sure to note that HP and lifespan are two different things in this RPG. Lifespan is a timer that indicates how long you will stay in the game. This value steadily decreases over time and can be rejuvenated for fifty gold in front of a soul shrine. HP, on the other hand, is the knight's actual health. This is decreased when she is struck by enemies in combat and can be replenished by using elixirs.

Trigger Knight is a simple, straightforward RPG that is great for casual gamers that have time to kill. The premise of a one-button role-playing game may sound boring, but Trigger Knight is actually an addictive game that will grow on you!