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The Last Stand: Union City Instructions

Mouse aims, WASD move, E interacts, Q switches weapons.

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This game takes up a lot of resources, I recommend lowering the quality settings to maintain a consistent speed.

In The Last Stand: Union City, you are a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, and your goal is to survive, every single geek's fantasy. The Last Stand: Union City has you in a town full to the brim with zombies out for your blood, with quests and survivors who have not been caught up in the chaos and killed.

The game gives brief tutorials and reminders when relevant, so learning the controls is not a problem. The main key for interactions is E, which is used to go through doors, go into new areas, talk to people, pick up items, and so on.

There are two game modes in The Last Stand, run and gun and survivor. run and gun gives you large amounts of ammunition to take care of the zombies, while Survivor is far less forgiving, and requires you to keep up your stamina by sleeping, and to keep your overall health up by eating food from people's fridges, making for a more realistic and much more difficult game overall, which one you pick is up to you.

The bottom of the screen shows your health, stamina, and experience. If your health hits zero, you die obviously, and stamina determines how often you can run, jump, or climb on objects, this restores on its own over time. The long red bar is your experience, which increases by investigating the area or killing zombies. Achievements such as investigating notes found in union city, using healing items, or even picking up junk will contribute to your experience once they have been unlocked. Once you gain enough experience points, you will level up, and get points to distribute among your character's stats and abilities. You can't save these so spend them all at once.

Don't think that just because you cleaned out a room in The Last Stand or house that you're safe. Zombies can come from anywhere, and even if you loiter in a cleared room several of them can come crashing through the ceiling or respawn on other floors, creating a hazardous area no matter what. Not all areas are filled with zombies however. A drawing of a house covered in bars points the way to a safehouse where you can find survivors, and stand around to heal yourself up over time without risk of zombie attack. Safehouses also have storage chests that can hold any item, and can be picked up again in any safehouse.

Various NPCs found in The Last Stand will give quests or their services as cohorts, quests are often needed to progress to the next area, and a cohort backing you up makes a huge difference in a firefight, as several zombies can come crashing through the roof whenever they damn well please, which can quickly eat up your ammunition.