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The Last Mech-Druid Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move your character, the Q and E keys to switch between weapons, and the R key to reload the current weapon you're using. To change between forms, the 1-4 number keys correspond between blade form, shock form, Lifetree form, and dragon form. Hit the P key to pause the game at anytime. Aim with your cursor and click the left mouse button to fire the current weapon you're using.

The Last Mech-Druid Walkthrough

The Last Mech-Druid is a hybrid action RPG game that will keep you guessing - even on the first few levels. The game itself focuses on mayhem more than anything else; the game consists of rounds where you've got a certain number of enemies to kill. As the rounds go on and on, more enemies are introduced, but while you're in between rounds, you'll be able to purchase upgraded weapons, new abilities for your druid forms, and you'll also be able to spend experience points for improved stats.

Druid forms are probably the most important aspect of the game, though - each form (blade, shock, Lifetree, dragon) has its own strengths and weaknesses, and depending on your playing style, it's best to stick to the form you can use the best. Blade form emphasizes melee combat - which kills any enemy in one hit, while shock form is all about damage prevention - activating it will give you a shield. You can use the Lifetree form to regenerate your health, while later upgrades of the dragon form will make it the most powerful in the game.

You're given so many essences for each form, and every time you morph into a form, you lose an essence. So it's also a good idea to keep a good stockpile of guns - which you can also purchase in between rounds, to keep up with enemies in case you run out of essence. In later rounds, it's best that you only focus on upgrading one or two specific forms - this will let you get the most out of two forms, rather than trying to use all four in unison.

Overall, The Last Mech-Druid is a fast-paced, action RPG game that's fun to pick up and play. If you're looking for real a challenge, then just use guns and ammo; don't even morph once in the entire game - that alone should keep you busy for a long time.