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The Chimaera Stones Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to control your character's movements, attack monsters and evildoers, and accept and obtain quests. While in battle, you'll have a limited number of action points, and each movement or attack you make takes one point - so plan out what you're going to do carefully - enemies can swarm your character easily.

The Chimaera Stones Walkthrough

The Chimaera Stones is a huge, expansive RPG game that's available completely online. So, if you're looking for something that will take quite some time to play through, without paying anything at all, The Chimaera Stones is exactly it.

You'll start the game at the character creation screen - your first character has to be a warrior, but you'll be able to choose what type of warrior he or she will be: such as the ranger, a bow user, the paladin - a spell-using swordsman, or the typical warrior, who can use any kind of weapon he or she finds. All in all, it's up to you what class you pick - but try all three out if you're having trouble at the beginning of the game.

The Chimaera Stones is a quest-based RPG game, so there's more emphasis on also doing something, rather than just having mindless random battles. You'll be able to accept quest by talking with NPCs, and you can talk to them by simply clicking on them. Actually, you'll find that many actions can be performed just by a click with the left mouse button - opening doors, talking to NPCs, and engaging in battle.

Overall, The Chimaera Stones is a huge, free online RPG game that takes quite some time to complete. With a save game feature, you'll be able to play whenever you'd like - just make sure that you don't get surrounded by enemies - you can end up getting a game over pretty quickly.