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Telepath RPG: Chapter 2 Instructions

To play Telepath RPG chapter 2, you just need your mouse. Just have to know where to click and when to. Do that and you should be okay. Now let's get to the harder part of the game.

Telepath RPG: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Telepath RPG Chapter 2 takes you straight to where the story of the first chapter left off. After awakening you will find yourself in an empty bedroom that's right on the top floor of the strange looking black building. Walking up to the balcony you will find that you're in some city that is underground. Soon you will realize that you have been enslaved by the Shadowlings. Why? Precisely, to force you to carry out a series of missions in their behalf in a civil war against the Spriggats. Through the game you'll find old friends, learn more about the conflict, and ultimately you will have to choose what role are you going to play determine the outcome of the Civil War.

Sounds exciting? Sure does, but if you haven't played Telepath RPG Chapter 1 before, or if you haven't played RPG games in general, you should take some time to know the basics. And that's exactly what I'm going to cover here. Let's start off with the combat system. Just like in the previous game installment, Telepath RPG Chapter 2 adopts a turn-based and tactical combat system. The action takes place in an 11 x 8 square grid. Before the battle commences, you need to arrange your available characters into the available slots. This is crucial as this determines who strikes first, who moves in next, and so on and so forth. The goal of every battle is to kill all of the enemies on the battlefield. In other cases like boss battles, you need to kill the boss characters. Keep in mind that you should keep your main character alive all times. Once your main character dies, it's game over, and you have to start all over again.

As for conversations and leveling up, this game is quite different from other RPG games. Telepath RPG chapter 2 uses a dialogue free system which allows you to take multiple paths in a conversation. This does a good job of keeping your toes as a wrong answer could lead to serious in game consequences. As for the leveling part, instead of the usual experience points, you need to pay gold to train your characters in certain areas: specific combat skills, the use of Psy Power, as well as defense. One thing that's not present in the previous installment are milestones. When your characters reach a certain milestone, they can get special bonuses like new attacks, higher-level in the attacks you have already mastered, and those are just to name a few.

Another fine addition this sequel are the orbs. All in all there are any orbs to be found in the game. Each of these orbs can boost your main character's abilities. Some of them beef up your character's resistance. Others add more firepower your characters attack. One thing to remind you, though, is that these orbs are hidden and they are very hard to find. It takes a lot of perseverance to dig one. HOWEVER, with when you stumble across one, make sure you grab them and take advantage of it.

Indeed, there is a lot of stuff you need to learn if you want to play Telepath RPG at a high level. However, you can't learn them just by reading. Instead, you need to get your hands dirty, and try to get the job done by yourself. With the basics taken care of, it's about time you answer the question: which side are you joining?