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Telepath RPG Instructions

The controls for Telepath RPG are just like most RPG games out there. For just about everything, you will use your mouse. Interacting with characters, moving from one spot to another, fighting off mobs, and those are just a few. With controls taken care of, let's have a closer look at the game.

Telepath RPG Walkthrough

In what case does a free and Flash based RPG game get a wiki page dedicated to it? Well, I can only think of one: It's so fun that it developed a cult following... prompting the creators of the RPG game to create sequels. And that exactly is Telepath RPG Chapter 1. It begins with the story of a gifted student at the Psy Academy. For those of you who were unfamiliar with the game, this Academy is a military school for people who have unique mental abilities like telepathy and telekinesis. Unfortunately, the main character's little brother, David, was kidnapped by creatures known as the Shadowlings. Using your powers, along with the help of your friends, you need to find your brother, free him, and bring him back.

As you can see the objective along with the background story isn't really new. It's almost the same with the other RPG games out there: evil strikes, and you have to strike back. However, the gameplay more than makes up for the beaten-down path that Telepath RPG Chapter 1 has taken.

First off, let's take a look at the combat system. The combat in Telepath RPG is strictly turn based. If you have played Phantasy Star before, then this should be familiar. During combat, you can summon allies, which are represented by playing cards that have specific behaviors and attributes. One very important thing that you should consider is that all of the actions you perform cost Psy Points. Psy Points can be regenerated by Focusing or taking Focus Pills when it's your turn. Usually, the results of most attacks are pretty random. However, you can minimize the randomness of an attack by beefing up your heroes level with that attack.

Dialogue And Character Advancement: Unlike other dialog systems where there is only one way to go, Telepath RPG Chapter 1 showcases a dialogue tree system, which very much alike the one used in Fallout. This allows you to take multiple paths through the conversations. Also, the usual experience point-based leveling system is tossed aside in this RPG game. Rather, Telepath RPG Chapter 1 allows you to increase and beef up your characters skills and attributes by paying gold for training in particular areas. Another unique way of gaining abilities in this series are the purchasable books. This reminds me of purchasable tomes in custom Warcraft 3 Maps that allow you to gain levels or increase efficiency in a skill or art.

For those who are new in the game, Telepath RPG Chapter 1 can be a little confusing. So to help you get started in the right direction, here is a brief and straight to the point walk-through on the game's first mission. You will start the mission right in the middle of the the Academy. There you will see a student in a red cape who stands near you. Just approach them and talk to him. And one reminder: be nice. Follow those steps and he will tell you that Anya is searching for you, and that most likely she can be found in her room.

From there, proceed to the North East building and go inside Anya's room. Talk to her, and she will tell you that an old man came by and is looking for you. Where to find him? Anya tells you to search at the local bar. You can go in and ask Piter, the Red Cape, if you are having a hard time finding the local bar. Anyway, he will tell you to head towards the northwest building. As it turns out the old man who's looking for you is your uncle. After talking to you will find out that your little brother David was kidnapped by the Shadowlings. You have to rescue him.

However, you can take on the Shadowlings all by yourself. Here's what you need to do: exit the bar and go north. There you will find Guy. Tell them what happened, and gain his support by being completely honest with the. Next go back to Anya's room. Ask for help and she will be more than willing to aid you. After that proceed to the South East building and go inside the administrative offices. There, you'll find a the desk clerk and you need to fill out the forms. However, to fill them out, you need to pay a fee of 10 gold. Now if you have spent all of your gold in gambling, buying books, taking lessons from tutors, and the like, here's the good news: You can go back to uncle Falstaff to ask for a little cash. And you'll give you 15 gold. The bad news is you can only ask once.

Once you're done go to the guard who watches over the West Gate and ask permission to leave the academy.

If you made it this far then you're good to go a lot of the stuff you need to learn you need to learn on your own and through experience. Just reading alone won't cut it. So what are you waiting for? Play Telepath RPG Chapter 1 and have fun.