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Talesworth Arena: Death Watch Instructions

Point and click with the left mouse button to battle in the arena, interrupt and stun your enemy, cast poisonous and magical attacks, and upgrade your fighter. In between rounds, when you have enough gold, you'll be able to purchase new armor at the bazaar - and any old armor you don't want can be pawned at the tavern. Be sure to upgrade your skills as soon as you level up - enemies are merciless.

Talesworth Arena: Death Watch Walkthrough

Talesworth Arena: Death Watch is a strategic RPG game that places more emphasis on timing and cleverness than anything else. You'll start out with a choice between three classes: the juggernaut, a purely physical fighter that relies on power, the psionic user, who relies on mana and spell casting, and the engineer, who uses machinery to do the fighting. Each class has a distinct type of fighting style, so pick whatever you normally go with when playing any other RPG game.

In easy mode, Talesworth Arena: Death Watch is more about clicking really, really fast. In normal mode, combat has a rock-paper-scissors aspect, where there's more emphasis on figuring out how to stop and defeat your enemy - rather than just going all-out on them. For instance, you'll have to use your stun and interrupt skills with the Engineer class if you want to defeat your enemy - otherwise they'll trample all over you.

The artwork in the game is dark and dreary - along the lines of most steampunk RPG games. As said before, you can purchase armor in between rounds in the arena, but armor is ridiculously expensive - and sometimes you'll have to choose between buying new skills.

Once you've filled up your experience bar from fighting regular enemies in the arena, you'll have to face a boss to get your character to the next level. Boss fights are extremely difficult and will probably take you a few tries - also costing you a bit of gold. New quests will appear once you level up as well - these are mostly point-and-click dialogue adventures, and you'll be able to gain runes (for later use in the game) in some of them.

With goblins, wraiths, and assassins attacking you from every angle, Talesworth Arena: Death Watch is a very difficult game. If you can't take normal mode, you'll be able to have fun with easy mode. Remember to upgrade your skills above all else - and if you can't beat a certain boss, try upgrading your equipment.