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Talesworth Arena Instructions

Talesworth Arena is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and select actions.

Talesworth Arena Walkthrough

Talesworth Arena is the first game in the Taleworth series of role-playing games. This RPG features simple controls, straightforward gameplay, and beautifully-drawn graphics.

The objective of Talesworth Arena is to defeat enemies in combat, gaining experience as you go. The final objective is to defeat Krax and become the new Arena Master. Combat is time-based, with attacks having cooldown and charge-up times. As you progress in this role-playing game, the enemies that you face will become more powerful. Once you have gained enough experience to level up, you can choose to battle against a powerful boss enemy to increase your level. Your game is automatically saved at the end of each battle, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this RPG.

Talesworth Arena does not give much in the way of storyline and only has one character class. Be sure to read the instructions by clicking "How To" on the main menu; the game does not explain things as you go along, so if you do not read the instructions, you will not know how to play. You begin this role-playing game with no attacks, so you will have to buy attacks by clicking the "Training" banner. The slingshot technique is your basic attack, so you should begin by buying it. The flamethrower attack is also a great addition to your arsenal. Once you have bought these two attacks, exit the Training shop and click on the "Arena" banner to begin your first fight.

Before you begin, it is a good idea to hover your mouse over the abilities of your enemy to read about their properties. Once you know the effects of your enemy's abilities, you can better prepare a strategy of your own. Attack by clicking on the ability that you wish to use. Clicking as soon as an attack becomes available is necessary to get in as many hits as possible against your enemies. Attacks that interrupt or stun your enemies also allows you to get more hits in than they can but beware that they can do the same to you! Once you have developed a good strategy for use against a certain type of enemy, you can use the same strategy to defeat similar enemies in this role-playing game.

Be sure to use gold that you earn in battle to buy items. Items can be bought at the Bazaar and are useful for reducing cooldown and charge-up times for attacks, increasing your damage, and boosting your defenses. As always, you should read about the effects of an item before buying or equipping it. Make sure that you equip the items that you wish to use by visiting the Tavern.

Talesworth Arena may not have an engrossing storyline, but it does have an excellent combat system, and sets the groundwork for later games in the Talesworth role-playing game series. If you like straightforward combat without bells and whistles, characterization, and numerous party members to manage, then you will enjoy Talesworth Arena!