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Summoner Saga IV Instructions

Point and click with the left mouse button to progress through dialogue, cast spells, and launch attacks; all while trying to survive wave after wave of traditional RPG battles in the fourth installment of Summoner Saga.

Summoner Saga IV Walkthrough

Chapter IV of Summoner Saga involves the guardian Tiamat, and summoner, Chris. Tiamat is a powerful water and ice based dragon that takes the form of a beautiful woman, while Chris, who summons Tiamat on accident, is a nervous, awkward teenager that barely knows what he's doing in the first place. You'll find out early on that Chris isn't very useful in chapter IV - you can't even use him in battle - but it is quite apparent that Tiamat is much more powerful than your average guardian.

You'll start out chapter IV like every other chapter - a lengthy exposition on the story; you'll learn how Chris ended up summoning Tiamat on accident, and you'll gradually find out more about both characters as the game progresses, and as you complete more missions. Each mission simply consists of one RPG game type battle, and as long as you win, you'll be able to move on with the game. If you've ever played any RPG game before, you'll have no problem with this part, but if you haven't, you might end up seeing the game-over screen a few times.

As far as typical RPG games go, Summoner Saga is a standard romp in the realm of fantasy - more along the lines of most JRPG games. With numerous anime-like cut scenes and humorous dialogue, chapter IV will let you see what happens to Tiamat and Chris, and how their story affects the grand story of Summoner Saga. Compared with the other installments, Chris and Tiamat are a lot funnier, but Tiamat does bring the power - save up your SP points to 100 to find out; it unlocks a secret attack.