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Summoner Saga chapter 7 Instructions

Point and click with the left mouse button to progress through dialogue, cast spells, and launch attacks; all while trying to survive wave after wave of traditional RPG battles in this seventh installment of the Summoner Saga.

Summoner Saga chapter 7 Walkthrough

Summoner Saga, an epic-length flash game takes place in separate installments; chapter 7 deals with the story of Leon and Ray. Ray, the summoner, is a loner-type that has his own unique story in Summoner Saga. His guardian, Leon, is a holy-beast that will protect Ray at any cost. With this team, you'll be put up against demons, monsters, and just about any enemy you could think of, all the while listening to classic RPG game style music, and watching anime cut scenes (most of which can be skipped, if you don't want to follow the story).

Compared with the other characters, guardians, and installments of Summoner Saga, Ray and Leon are arguably the coolest and strongest characters. While Ray may seem like every anime-type hero you've ever seen, he still manages to remain unique in the overall story, and he can hold his own in battle, too. Although Leon is quite a bit stronger than Ray, Ray seems to be the strongest summoner in the Summoner Saga, and probably the best overall leader.

You'll start the game on the first mission - a simple battle against a lesser demon. If you're not used to classic RPG game battles, then you may be in trouble, but realistically this battle is a cinch. It's important to heal whenever your characters become weak, which shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you're impatient with the battle speed, and you can unlock a secret hidden attack once your SP points reach 100. While this may take a while, almost no enemy can take it - so if you're having trouble with any specific battle, hold out for Leon's special attack.