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Stones masters Instructions

Point and click on two adjacent stones to have them switch places during your turn - if you line 3 (or more) of the same stone, they'll disappear and you'll get added energy. Use this energy to cast spells on your opponents - some taking life directly away, while other spells - like the poison spell - will damage your opponent over time. Once you've defeated an opponent, you'll move on to the next, and in between rounds you can upgrade your spell masteries and purchase new spells with money you've won.

Stones masters Walkthrough

Stones Masters is one RPG game that's unlike any other you've ever played. There are puzzle elements - that's most of the gameplay - and there are RPG elements that you'll find addicting. To get right down to it, you'll face an opponent in a puzzle game. There are four different kinds of element blocks: air, water, fire, and earth. There are also gold and damage blocks - match these up to gain extra money or to inflict extra damage on your opponent. Depending on what spells you have to choose from, you'll usually want a lot of a specific element.

The goal of each match in Stones Masters is to kill your opponent - or at least get their health down to zero. To do this, spells like the fireball and lightning spell are especially useful, and if you increase your master of the fire or air element, they'll even be more effective when inflicting damage. Since every action you can do in Stones Masters takes one turn - either moving two stones or casting a spell - your actions are extremely limited, and it's best to think out each and every move.

If you line up four or more of the same type of block, you'll get a free turn - and if you get five or more of the same type of stone lined up, you'll create a superstone that can be used in even greater combos. Try to make your turns last as long as possible and always look for groups of four stones or more - longer turns will net you more elemental energy, and more possible damage.

As the opponents get stronger, you'll also level up, too - increasing your HP. As an RPG game, Stones Masters is one of the most addicting you'll find for a while - with sixteen opponents to choose from and plenty of spells to purchase - it will take you quite a while before you finish this monster of a game.