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In general, RPG games have control schemes that are easy to handle. Nothing complicated or finger-twisting as far as the controls go, and the same can be said with Stick RPG. The 4 directions you can go to are easily navigated using the arrow keys. Which set of cursor keys should you use - the one on the numeric pad or the one in the keypad? Well, it doesn't really matter. Interacting with the whole game is done entirely with the mouse. If your arrow / cursor keys and mouse are working well, then you are good to go. The only thing that's missing in the equation is you... and the story you will create!

Stick RPG Walkthrough

OK, before we dive into the meat of this RPG games review / walkthrough, let's clear up some confusion first. There are 2 versions of the game and both of them can be easily found in the internet (use good old Google and some of your wits). There's the Stick RPG and then there's the Stick RPG COMPLETE. You will enjoy the Complete Version more... PERIOD! The first one is a good game. I don't take it away from the game, BUT the second and complete version has the stat-building addiction RPG games enthusiasts and fans all came to love!

Being the very first venture of XGenStudios into flash game development, Stick RPG throws you into a different world... a world of paper thin citizens filled with super-human brawls and neck-breaking corporate ladders. The goal is pretty straightforward: you need to survive. True, that sounds very straightforward and simple. PLUS, the looks of the game has this light-hearted and 'not to be taken seriously' aura. What I can say, however, is this: don't let that deceive you. This game has enough stuff in it to keep your hands full for quite some time!

You will wake up in Stick RPG as... well, a stick figure in a 2D world! I'm not too sure why or how you ended up in this weird world, BUT that doesn't really matter. And right from the very start, you will face a wide array of alternatives and decision making problems. Which of the 3 stats should I focus on? Where am I supposed to find employment? Should I be a law-abiding citizen or the exact opposite... an outlaw who spits at law's face? These are just some of the questions you will answer. There's no right or wrong choice. HOWEVER, whatever it is that you do will affect your stick figure's life. Whether it's for the better or worse, that remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though: the results are often hilarious!

Speaking of stat-building, there are 3 main stats in the game: (1) Intelligence, (2) Strength, and (3) Charm. None of them are ahead of the others in the 'benefits department', BUT they have unique or distinct character-improving effects. For example, having high levels of intelligence allows you to land better-paying jobs. On the other hand, getting superman-like strong lets you defend yourself and win fist fights (or you can start them yourself :D). As for high levels of charm, it allows you to make better deals easier... and it even allows you to rob stores! Man, if only being charming has that power in the real world, I would've been rich by now. Anyway, for each day, you are given a certain amount of time to beef up your skills and stats while making progress. You can make the game last for 15, 10, 100, or unlimited number of days. If you are just starting out, I would strongly advice that you go for the Unlimited option as this allows you to explore every twist and every turn in the game.

Toying with only 3 stats may not sound much. HOWEVER, the game offers a lot of side stories and goals for you to check out and keep you busy. So you have bucket-loads of cash? No need to pull your hairs out in thinking where to spend it, just go and buy a new house and fill it with every item you lay your sights on. There are also a lot of stuff to collect... things that have good side effects such as restoring your health and more. Or, maybe you are into gambling and you want to test if the Martingale strategy does work? No problem. Go to the online casinos and spend your money.

By the way, if you really want to test that gambling strategy in real life, steer clear from the card games and stick to the roulette.

As for the graphics and design, it doesn't have the most sophisticated design. BUT that hardly matters. You are a stick figure in a stick world... things are supposed to look simple. As for the music, it's ok although it can get quite repetitive after some time. You may want to shut that down.

Summing things up, Stick RPG is one of those RPG games that have long term appeal. If you are really ambitious, you can even play to be the country's president or dictator. That requires hours of playing however. One warning: this game can get really addictive and would suck a good deal of time if you let it.