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Squares and Blades 2 Instructions

Just like in those RPG games, everything is done with a mouse in Squares and Blades 2. For moving your units, for cutting down those enemy works, for treating positioning, and everything else in between, your mouse will get the job done. This is an RPG game that comes with a lot of in game instructions so be sure to check them out.

Squares and Blades 2 Walkthrough

The battle continues: Squares and Blades 2. To get the game started choose the right party, and off you go.

You will face the enemies in a squared battleground, which reminds me of my favorite board game, chess. When it comes to training types and enemies to face, this is one of those RPG games that has a lot to offer. And your character's skills and attributes are just as varied and plentiful.

You'll have a lot of firepower at your disposal to knock down those hordes of orcs. The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to stop evil with whatever you have and come out as the victor.

There are some tips and tricks that will help you survive: Always, I must emphasize always keep an eye on your shield. The shield is one of the most important units in the game. If it drops low due to the enemy counterattacks, do your best to be out of reach from the opponent at the very end of your turn. Fail to do that and it will surely hurt. The enemies will refresh their shields and attack you and to turn... causing a lot of damage.

Retreating is not a bad thing in Squares and Blades 2. Just like in the situation above, when your shield is running low and the enemy is about to attack you during his turn, don't be foolhardy. Retreat to a much safer square. Even if it's your turn, you should think about defensive and fallback options. Your frontliners, the units that are standing closest to the enemy, should have a free space behind them. Again, falling back is not a sign of cowardice. Not falling back, however, when you need to is a surefire way to be massacred.

Another tip is to let them weaken themselves. Don't be afraid to let them strike first. That's especially true if you have a full shield. Their attacks won't hurt you much, and more or less, they will be impaling themselves on your defenses. You can then retreat, and strike back... strike harder against the already weakened army of orcs. However, going on the offensive, going for the first strike, especially if your firepower is strong enough to deal a lot of damage is never a bad thing. It helps to keep your options open. Be ready for offense and counterattack.

Terrain: considering the battlegrounds, if it's advantageous or not, it is very important. Your wisdom in using the terrain to your advantage, or lack thereof, could spell the difference between resounding victory and crushing defeat. For example: let's see if there is water or mud between the two armies.

Do not, I repeat do not step into the water or mud, especially if the enemies are waiting in the bank. Doing so will weaken your shield significantly, not to mention your units aren't able to retreat when they're stuck in water and mud. And believe me, the enemies will take full of vantage of that, and pounce on your army.

For newcomers, you may find all this talk about strategy and tactics a little confusing. It would really help if you go to the training section and get as much information in training as you can. It comes with a lot of in-game instructions that will help playing this game be second nature to you.

There is a couple of basic stuff that you should keep in mind in Squares and Blades 2. Let's take a look at some of them: first your units are in blue. The guys in red are your enemies. You will see two numbers on each of these units.

First off, we have the shield. This represents the stability, the quality of the unit's defenses and fencing guard. Basically it's the ability to avoid being hurt. The higher your shield is the stronger your defenses are. Keep in mind, however, that the shield can be temporarily lowered by attacking. The life bar, on the other hand, represents well...the life of your unit. Once the Shield runs out, your unit starts getting hurt and your life bar will sustain the damage.