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No twisted controls for Sonny 2 unlike most RPG games! All you have to do is make sure your mouse is fine and well and you should be good to go. Just point and click to bring up skills to attack enemies or heal your allies, upgrade your skills, invest on the tech tree, and everything else in between.

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Out to hunt for the best tactical battle and RPG games on the web? Yeah? Then you just have to try out Sonny 2! Sequel to the game of the same name, this is a turn based and action packed RPG game where you buy equipment, gain experience and level, train in between fights to keep your fatal skills sharp, and everything else in between to gear up for the battle ahead.

And best of all, you get to play as the zombie...a superhuman zombie who needs to fight for survival. How's that for a change? Instead of shooting and slicing down zombies, you are on the receiving end...and you better fight back relentlessly if you want any chance of survival. What I like about Sonny and Sonny 2 is that these RPG games are very detailed but not too overwhelming while showcasing a high level of polish.

As a sequel, Sonny 2 carries a lot of punch and niceties - features that are not available back in the original Sonny. There are dozens of voiced lines, comes with 5 new and original chapters, all new enemies, skills and weapons you have never seen before, and to top everything off, a brand new game engine which makes it even more challenging and fun! Not to mention the soundtrack, also new, keeps you pumped up battle after battle.

HOWEVER, it's still remarkably original. Everything that made Sonny a HUGE hit is found in Sonny 2.

When you get the game started, you have the option of customizing the difficulty - choose which mainstream build you want to settle for. This largely affects your skills tree as well as the abilities you can use in battle. For starters, I highly recommend playing the tutorial first to get a feel for the game's flow.

After that, you need to enter battle! And when you have won your share of combats and rounds, you gain enough experience to level up. This gives you the chance to spend your attribute points on your character's stats: (1) strength (2) instinct (3) speed, and those are just to name a few.

This is where the core of the game lies: customization. If you want your character to get strong enough to eliminate enemies and finish the game, you better pay careful attention and thought on how you spend those precious attribute points (of course, you do need to buy equipment as well). The whole game play is very smooth and entertaining. It doesn't matter of your are a dedicated gamer of RPG games or if you are more of a casual player. You are sure to have fun with this game.

Tweaked and worked on by Krin Juangbhanich (creator of Sonny and Sonny 2) for almost a year which brought 3 separate character classes, hundreds of new items, as well as PvP arena mode, Sonny 2 is a game you simply cannot miss!