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Who says RPG games are hard to play? Nah, not when you are playing Sonny. This tactics and turn based RPG game only needs your mouse to play it. Just point and click. That's it and you are bound to have fun...LOTS of fun!

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Zombies - we shoot them down, stab them, dice them, slice them...we make sure they don't get any second chances. That's how we roll in most zombie RPG games, BUT not on this one. In Sonny, you are in the shoes of a zombie. It's your turn to fight for your life and make it out alive in this twisted and crazy world!

Created by a guy names Krin, Sonny is one of the best, if NOT outright the best, RPG games out there. Moreover, the game developers have continually worked to make the game even better. Patches are released to make the battles run faster. The skills have been balanced too - underpowered ones have been given a boost while overpowered skills are nerfed.

The end result? Sonny became one of the best tactics and turn based RPG games you could ever lay your hands on. Heck! I wish games on different consoles would take the path and standard set by Sonny. Things would be so much better for us gamers. Fluid battles that don't feel like a grind, smooth and complete animation, tactics and strategies that are interesting and fun. And, of course, let's NOT forget the interesting premise: you are a superhuman zombie outted against a cruel world where everyone wants to destroy.

YES, this is Sonny!

The whole interface is mouse driven, which is to be expected from a flash based game. While in battle, you and your allies are on side while the enemies are on the other end - typical scenario in turn based RPG games. When you click on a character, a contextual ring of orbs are brought up. This represents the techniques that you can use. There are a variety of skills at your disposal: attack options to take out the adversaries, buffs that strengthen your team as well as healing abilities are also available.

Now, here comes the twist: in most RPG games, the focus is on the magic points and hit points. In Sonny, HOWEVER, more emphasis is placed on health and focus. When you use a technique, most of them, require focus points and there are a certain number of turns before you can use it again.

Win battles and earn cash as well as experience. This allows you to grab better fighting gears (I didn't know zombies need those) as well as gain more level. Along with that, you can also use your points on beefing up your starts and investing more on the tech tree, which is something you usually see in real time strategy games like Starcraft!

There's nothing revolutionary about the whole structure really. HOWEVER, the execution is so smooth. Not to mention the game is very balanced...everything boils down to how skillfull you are as a player of RPG games. Such games make flash seem as good as any platform when it comes for games of this type!

Why not give Sonny a shot and see for yourself why many consider it on top of the RPG games genre? It definitely won't disappoint. And you might just thank me for convincing you.