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Shadowreign Instructions

Shadowreign is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The arrow keys or WASD keys move your character. Click on abilities to use them or press the corresponding number key. Click enemies to target them or press the tab key or the spacebar.

Shadowreign Walkthrough

Shadowreign is the spiritual sequel to the role-playing game, Hands of War. Shadowreign features superior graphics to those of its predecessor, numerous abilities to learn, and challenging gameplay.

Shadowreign takes place years after Hands of War. Evil forces, known as the Shadows, have returned to the kingdom, laying waste to everything in their path. As the only person brave enough to stand up to these evil forces, it is up to you to restore peace and freedom to the kingdom!

Unlike Hands of War, you do not select a character class in Shadowreign. Instead, you simple name your character and choose your gender. You will be given a basic bow at the start of the game, but more weapons will become available to you as you progress. This role-playing game features four talent trees where you can allocate skill points after leveling up. You can focus all of your skill points into one tree, or spread them out amongst the four trees. You are only allowed to have ten active talents, but it may be useful to allocate points to passive talents in various talent trees.

Shadowreign is a long RPG, and you will have to make choices of your own depending on your style of play. I will provide some initial tips to help you, however. Your first quest is to defeat six skeletons that are terrorizing the town to the east. After talking to the NPC and acquiring the bow, head east and you will encounter three skeletons; make sure that you have equipped the bow in the character menu! To fight the skeletons, select one of them then click the Auto attack skill (or press the 1 key). Defeat the skeletons one-by-one in this fashion. If you take damage, don't worry. Just stay still after all of the enemies on the screen have been defeated and your health will gradually increase. Head east again and defeat the three remaining skeletons in a similar fashion. You can save your game now by talking to the inn keeper (the NPC with a blue circle around him).

Defeating those enemies should have caused you to level up. You will now want to use your talent points to unlock new abilities. Unlocking the Scorch ability under the Arcane tree is a good idea since it can increase your attacking power against enemies. Make sure to place it and any other active abilities in a slot at the bottom of the screen by using the abilities menu. You can only have ten active abilities, so choose wisely. Passive abilities do not take up ability slots and are always in effect. When you level your character in the future, you may want to unlock passive abilities, particularly Gladiator abilities since they will increase your strength and health regeneration.

Shadowreign is a Western-style RPG with numerous choices and addictive gameplay. If you enjoyed Hands of War or if you are a fan of role-playing games, then you won't want to miss Shadowreign!