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Scarlet Stranger Instructions

Scarlet Stranger is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys. The Z key is used to attack and the X key raises your shield. Press the M key to access the map and the P key to pause the game.

Scarlet Stranger Walkthrough

Scarlet Stranger is yet another RPG where you must save a princess. Despite its cliché story, this role-playing game is anything but mundane and features stylish graphics, impressive audio, and randomly-generated dungeons.

At first glance, Scarlet Stranger seems to be a modernized version of the classic Zelda games. In both games, you portray a young hero on a quest to rescue a princess from a wicked enemy. The difference between this role-playing game and The Legend of Zelda is that the layout of the map randomly changes periodically! This adds an additional challenge to face and means that no two games will be exactly the same!

Gameplay and storyline are not the only factors of Scarlet Stranger inspired by the Zelda series; the controls are similar as well. Using a USB-compatible NES controlled would make this role-playing game feel exactly like The Legend of Zelda. The arrow keys are used to move your hero, while the Z and X keys attack and raise your shield respectively. The Z key is also used to interact with NPCs and objects in the world.

Since the map changes every hour in Scarlet Stranger, I cannot provide a discrete walkthrough. I can however, provide some general tips. Like the Zelda series, it is possible to cut down vegetation and find hidden items such as hearts to replenish your health or gems. Cut down trees and bushes whenever you can to find goodies, but be careful because enemies can hide in vegetation as well! It is a good idea to bring up the map (M key) to plot your course, but remember that the layout changes over time. If you want to reach your destination before the map changes, you will have to move quickly, but if you move too fast, you will find yourself ill-equipped to deal with the more powerful enemies that you will encounter. A steady pace works best since you can reach most of your goals while collecting money and items to improve your arsenal.

Scarlet Stranger is a stylish and entertaining role-playing game with immense replay value. Fans of the Zelda series will certainly enjoy this RPG, which plays like a modernized version of the classic!