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Relic Instructions

Relic is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move and the enter key to interact with NPCs and objects. The mouse is used in battles.

Relic Walkthrough

Relic is a role-playing game in the vain of the early games of the Final Fantasy series. This RPG features amazing graphics, simple controls, and a compelling storyline.

Relic follows the journeys of a young girl as she attempts to find an ancient relic to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Unlike other role-playing games, gameplay is focused entirely on finding this relic, so you will not have to complete side quests. Since the game follows this main storyline, it is a good idea to pay attention to cutscenes and dialogue. You can skip them, but you will have a better understanding of what's going on if you sit through them. You can save your progress by standing over runed ground, accessing the menu, and clicking the save button.

Relic uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. On the overworld, the WASD keys or arrow keys are used to move around. The mouse can be used to find objects (objects and NPCs that can be interacted with will turn green when the mouse cursor is hovered over them), but you must move close to them and press the enter key to actually interact with them.

Battles are turn-based and occur after random encounters, similar to the Final Fantasy series of RPGs. The mouse is used to control all aspects of battles. Random encounters can happen anywhere on the overworld except for towns and when standing on runed ground (save points). Random encounters can even happen when you're standing still in this role-playing game, so there is no reason to loiter in one area (unless you want to get into more fights, of course).

Experience is earned by defeating enemies in Relic. When enough experience is earned, your entire party will level up and you will be able to add points to their stats. Increasing a character's strength will increase the damage done by their attacks, increasing dexterity increases the chances of a character dodging attacks, stamina increases hitpoints, and magic increases a character's mana. How you allocate your points is based on your style of play. You may want to improve the low stats of characters to keep a well-rounded party, or focus on particular stats for your characters for example, having a tank with high stamina and a spell-caster with high magic). I prefer having a balanced party, but you can customize your characters any way you want to.

Relic is an outstanding role-playing game experience. Due to its focus on the main storyline and lack of side quests, this RPG can be beaten in two hours, making it perfect for a weekend playthrough!