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Mouse interacts.

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A visual-novel style Choose Your Own Adventure game that puts you in an interactive fiction with multiple endings, and bad endings, and game over endings. The main protagonist is Ray, a thuggish guy who works for a man named Pete, is behind on his rent, and hates pretty much everyone.

During scenes in Ray, you will often be given choices of what to do in the moment, and the choices are what determine the ending and the flow of the game. If you are killed because of a poor choice, which can happen quite often. After making a choice, you will see a number appear at the top-right of the screen showing what ending route you're on. At the end, tally all these up and click the number that it adds up to to determine your overall rank.

By playing through multiple times, you can access all the scenes. Because some may not be familiar with this type of game, I've provided a walkthrough below and the points each choice gives and if they lead to different choices. As a rule, the more brutal you are, the less points you get.

The bum

-Give him some cash [4]

-Throw your bottle at his head [1]

-Share the love. [2]

-Ignore the parasite. You're too good for him! [3]

The punks

- Nice music you got goin there, I prefer Selwyn though, isn't he cool? [4]

- Get the hell out of there! [3]

- Show them how Mr. .357 works.

-- Let him go, he's learnt his lesson. [1]

-- Waste him, make sure he learns it. [1]

- You don't take that from anyone. [2]

The stalker

- Submachine gun [2]

- Shotgun [1]

- Sniper Rifle

-- Open casket [4]

-- Closed casket [4]

- Knife

-- Stealthy [3]



- WHERE IS SHE!? [loops]

- Smash him in the face.

-- Tell me! [loops]

-- Fist + face

--- I'm getting tired of asking! [loops]

--- Headache punch

---- I wont ask again.

----- Better get going. [4]

----- Waste him. [1]

----- Knock him out. [2]

----- Pee on him and go. [3]

---- Smack him up [Death]

---- Throw the garbage bin at his head. [Death]

--- Show him who "Hits like a ..." [Death]

- I don't have time for this. [Death]

The mission

- Walk right up and blast 'em. [Death]

- Climb a tree and pick off the guards with a rifle

-- Snap his neck [1]

-- Knife him [2]

-- Knock him out [4]

-- Shoot him with the M4 [3]


- Lunge at him [progress]

- Wait for him to pass [Death]


- Go in with the Desert Eagle [progress]

- Go in with the M4 [progress]


- Put a .357 through the roof. [3]

- Brake hard, then accelerate. [2]

- Slow down, he might get hurt. [4]

- Open the sunroof and throw him under the tire. [1]

The Chopper

- The pilot. [1]

- The sniper. [2]

The Bike

- Put a bullet in him, take the bike. [3]

- Ask him to get off. [4]

- Beat him with his helmet. [2]

- See if he can walk with a knife in his eye [1]