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Pogoleg Pirates Instructions

Point and click in this managing game to select your pirate; increase his or her stats, and purchase upgrades and items before race time. Depending on how much money you have, you'll be able to bet a whole lot or not much at all - you'll have twelve weeks to make as much gold as you can.

Pogoleg Pirates Walkthrough

Pogoleg Pirates is an interesting RPG game that will take some time to get the hang of - there are a lot of elements at play, and you'll have to keep them all in mind while playing. The premise of the game is simple, although the gameplay is complex - you're a pirate racing manager - you'll start out by picking your racing pirate at the beginning of the game. With 12 weeks to survive through, you'll have to train and boost your pirates' stats, and purchase items from the black market, or you can just bet on other pirates during a race - it's all up to you.

Since this is an RPG game where you only manage a racer, you won't be given control of your selected pirate during a race. This makes for a more interesting game, though - since you'll have to do your best to make sure that your pirate will do their best. So, instead of actually racing your pirate, you'll have to manage your money wisely and purchase upgrades.

There are two places you can purchase upgrades - at the bar and at the black market. The black market is much more expensive, but offers items that will give you an edge during a race. The bar, however, will let you purchase items that increase your stats - permanently. Some items at the black market are only one-use, so if you've just started the game, make sure you focus on upgrading the stats of your pirate more than anything.

As far as betting goes, you'll be able to bet on any single pirate racer. Each race consists of five racers, and as long as you finish in the top three, you'll at least win some money. The bottom two racers in any race won't win any money, so if you do happen to lose a race, be tight with the money you do have, and make it last. Towards later weeks, the entry fee for races will increase, so you'll have to steadily increase how much money you have if you want to make the full twelve weeks. A negative amount of money will lead to a game over, so don't bet all of your money on one race - it might cost you.