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Pestilence Z Instructions

Pestilence Z is controlled by using the mouse. Execute actions by clicking on the appropriate icons. Keyboard shortcuts are also available.

Pestilence Z Walkthrough

Pestilence Z combines the zombie survival game genre with the turn-based combat and character leveling of role-playing games. This RPG features outstanding graphics, three selectable characters, and four levels of difficulty.

The three characters that you may play as in Pestilence Z are the Jock, the Nurse, and the Veteran. The Jock's athletic background gives him a high level of melee attacking power and vitality, but his ranged abilities are lacking. The Veteran's military background gives him great ranged and decent melee attacking abilities. The Nurse is the most balanced character and comes with the additional bonus of medical knowledge, making her an excellent character for players new to this role-playing game. Once you have entered the game, you can save your progress by clicking on the diskette icon or pressing the S key.

The mouse is used to control Pestilence Z. Click on icons to select actions, then click on the map to execute the selected action. You may also use keyboard shortcuts to select actions. Shortcuts are displayed when hovering your mouse over an action. If zombies are present, you will have to end your turn after executing each action. To enter combat, approach or shoot a zombie a zombie. Combat is turn-based in this role-playing game. Click on your character to move or heal. Click on zombies to attack them.

The character that you choose determines the locations that you will visit in Pestilence Z, but some general gameplay tips apply to all characters. First, be sure to search shelves, boxes, and other searchable objects; you may find useful items or weapons. When you do acquire weapons, be sure to equip them in the character menu (keyboard shortcut: C key). Hover your mouse over a weapon or object for a description of its stats and abilities. Not all weapons are created equally, and some may have additional properties such as knocking zombies back, poisoning or igniting enemies, and more. Equip the items that best suit your character and playing style.

Pestilence Z wouldn't be an RPG without character leveling (well, there are role-playing games without leveling, but it's a figure of speech). Experience is earned after each successful battle. When enough experience is earned, you will level up. Leveling up increases your character's stats and also grants one skill point. If battles aren't giving you enough experience, then discard some of your useless items for bonus experience points!

Pestilence Z is a thrilling and addictive role-playing game. After you've beaten this RPG with one character, you can play it again using the other two characters or increase the difficulty level for an additional challenge!