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Nothing complicated or fancy as far as controls go - Monster Master is one of those battle and card based RPG games where you only need your mouse, specifically your left click button to play. Pick your card, draw it, build your deck, and everything else in between- all of these actions are just a mouse click away. Onto the game!

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Monster Master - if you loved Magic The Gathering, then this derivative of the game, which is actually an RPG game should appeal to you. It's somewhat strategic, mostly driven by luck, and filled with features that keep the game interesting. Aside from building your custom monster card deck, attacks and defenses are rolled for each combat sequence. Along with that, you can fuse certain creatures to form a powerful super creature!

There is just one thing you need to keep in mind when playing: not all creatures are created equal. There are creatures that attack well but suck when it comes to absorbing damage. Then we have the other end of the spectrum - creatures that may NOT deal impressive damage BUT are beefy enough to take blows and still stand.

Half of the battle is finding those creatures and combining them to keep your deck balanced. The combination of the monsters are cool as far as I'm concerned. Actually, everything else is cool about this RPG game except for one thing: the AI.

I find it somewhat a let-down that for whatever reason the rolls of the computer player also's always better than that of the human player. And this persists for an inordinate amount of time! It's fun to play no doubt. BUT I just can't figure out...for the life of me why it was programmed this way - giving the computer a huge advantage. Perhaps the AI wasn't competitive enough and this was given to compensate?

I think this strategy of 'cheating' (well, when you give a side too much advantage, I think it can be classified as that) is done by programmers who don't have enough time to program the specifics of the game - strategy of the computer, create strengths and weaknesses, and everything else in between. I played this game a lot and my win and loss ratio is pretty abysmal...and that's coming from someone who has spent a lot of time customizing his deck.

Aside from this issue, though, the whole concept is cool especially if you are a fan of Yugi Oh or Magic The Gathering. A little bit of randomness surely would have helped the game be more popular and fun to play. Looking at the overall picture, however, playing this can be fun - unless you are short tempered.