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Monster Arena Instructions

Monster Arena is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. The keyboard is used for some activities, such as training. Specific instructions are given in the game before each activity.

Monster Arena Walkthrough

Monster Arena is a hybrid RPG and virtual pet game. This role-playing game features beautiful sprite graphics, five different species of monsters to train, and thirty achievements.

The objective of Monster Arena is to win tournaments, increase your monster's abilities, and eventually, become the Grand Master of the tournament. To accomplish these feats, you will have to train your monster and care for it until it becomes powerful. As is typical in RPGs, your monster gains experience after each training session and for winning battles. When enough experience is gained, your monster will level up, increasing in abilities. Your monster will also gain skill points which can be used to unlock new abilities.

At the beginning of Monster Arena, you must choose a slot to save your data. Your game is automatically saved as you progress in this role-playing game. After choosing a save slot and naming your character, you will be given a choice of three different monsters (two more species can be unlocked as you progress). Each species of monster has its own innate abilities, but remember, that you can supplement abilities with training. Choose the monster that best fits your playing style. I chose Cebolla (the bird-like creature) due to its high intelligence.

After choosing your monster, you will be given a tutorial that will teach you the basics of raising your monster. If this is your first time playing Monster Arena, I advise you to pay close attention to the tutorial as well as tips given throughout the game. If you need additional help, you can click the button labeled with a question mark (?) in the upper-right corner of the interface.

A good training regimen is one that will supplement areas where your monster is weak. If your monster has a low agility rating, then train agility, if it needs more hitpoints, train defense, and so on. After you have gained enough points in each area, you may want to begin a specific training regimen to power one ability. My tactics value speed, so I trained my monster's agility. In pet mode, spoiling your monster will cause it to find items for you, but scolding it will make it gain more experience in training and combat. It isn't necessary to do either, but it is still a good idea to keep a relationship with your monster outside of mere training and combat in this RPG.

After spending all of this time training your monster, you will want to do combat in Monster Arena. Various tournaments are held each month, so click the Championship button to check the schedule. If this button is glowing, then there is currently a tournament that you can participate in! Winning battles in the tournament increases your experience and puts you one step closer to your goal.

Battling in this role-playing game is straightforward. In battle, both monsters have a health bar and an energy bar. Both bars will constantly regenerate based upon the properties of each monster. Actions take energy, so you will have to wait for the energy bar to gain the amount that is needed for the action that you wish to perform. To perform an action, simply click on one of the buttons. I advise holding a little bit of energy in reserve, just in case you want to make a last-ditch attack or heal. The battle is over when one of the monsters' health is totally depleted.

Monster Arena is a well-made role-playing game that is slightly reminiscent of Pokemon. If you enjoy RPG action with a bit of virtual pet game cuteness, then Monster Arena will captivate you!