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Unlike most RPG games that rely a lot in your mouse, Mobile Weapon allows you to use both your keyboard and your mouse. You can use your mouse and click on those important buttons: attack, defend, escape, use item, and those are just to name a few. HOWEVER, you will soon realize that moving your mouse, pointing it to the RIGHT button, and then clicking it takes a lot of time. This is when your keyboard comes in, specifically the Q, W, E, A, D, and MORE. With the controls taken care of, let's check out the basics of this RPG game.

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If there's one thing that distinguishes Mobile Weapon from other RPG games out there, it's this one thing: the plot... the background story. Usually, RPG games, even the exceptionally good ones out there, lack in substance and depth. It's the same old type of missions: your castle has been ravaged, you need to defend, win back the princess, and the like. I'm sure you get my drift. This sequel to Mobile Weapon: Zero, HOWEVER, is quite different. The story and game starts in the world of Sios, a world which is quite different from the world that we know.

In their realm, technology and humans blend as one. And by technology, I mean the MAWs to be specific. Standing for Mobile Adaptive Weapons, the MAWs have penetrated almost every aspect of human life. Nah, they are NOT just for combat (which made me think that their name is quite misleading). They are made to be used even by average folks who have sufficient know-how... allowing MAWs to be used as farming and construction machines, too. And by the way, that's NOT even the tip of the iceberg. HOWEVER, nobody knows how the MAWs are discovered and produced. Something that a certain Ron Powell (one of the highest esteemed inventors in Sios) knows. Uncovering the origins of the MAWs will surely change how people look at them and use them.

"What change would that be? Will it be for good? Will it be for the worse?" these are just some of the questions you can't help BUT ask when you start the game. I was compelled to read and let the beginning lines of the story sink in. Moreover, you don't even know what EXACTLY you are going to do in the game... you don't know who will you be up against. YES, it's very intriguing. The creators of Mobile Weapon sure know how to use cliffhangers, keeping you waiting for what's going to happen next. And no, I'm not about to spoil it for you.

Back to the game, it all starts off in a training session. Before you get into the game, you get to choose your character's name and his or her gender. While this doesn't really affect the performance, it's a nice way to add your personal touch to the game. You will start your training session with Calisto - a senior... not just in MAW piloting-skills BUT in age, too. You can look up to him as an elder brother who, while annoyed at having his younger brother following him for advice, is ultimately a good trainer. Anyway, this is where you get to know the controls: how to attack, defend, use items, escape, etc. better.

The interface seems complicated at first and it takes a lot of getting used to. BUT this is made easier by the fact that the graphics and design of not just the control panel BUT of the whole game itself is quite pleasant to the eye. YES, they are nicely done... especially when you consider that this is one of those free and flash based RPG games. I'm pretty sure you have a lot of questions lingering at the back of your head. Unfortunately, this is NOT a spoiler page. And no, a lot of the stuff you need to do in RPG games can't be learned by reading alone. So my advice: play Mobile Weapon NOW! And believe me, you will thank me for telling you to.