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Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero Instructions

Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero is controlled by using the keyboard and occasionally, with the mouse. The arrow keys move your character. The Z key cancels choices and the X key confirms choices. The P key is used to talk to other characters. The enter key is used to open the menu. If you see a mouse symbol, you can use the mouse to interact with that menu.

Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero Walkthrough

Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero is the sequel to the role-playing game, Mardek and takes place eight years after the events of the first game. Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero features a setting that combines high fantasy with science fiction, impressive graphics, and story-driven gameplay.

If you have not played Mardek Chapter 1, I advise you to do so before playing Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero since the game is story-driven. Also, if you have a save game file from the first chapter, then you can import your characters for use in this role-playing game. Given the way Flash handles shared objects, you will have to have played the first chapter on the same site that you are playing this RPG on; if you played the first chapter on a different website, you will not be able to access those files from here. If you insist upon playing Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero without playing the first chapter, then read on.

Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero is reminiscent of old NES and SNES RPGs, right down to its control scheme. The arrow keys are used to move (similar to a D-pad on a console controller). The Z and X keys cancel and confirm choices respectively, similar to the B and A keys on an NES controller or Game Boy. To interact with objects and NPCs, stand in front of them and press the X key. In order to save your game, interact with a save crystal by standing in front of it and pressing the X key.

In order to progress through Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero, you will have to pay attention to loads of dialogue. It may be tempting to skip through this dialogue, but it is best to read through it so that you can know what you are doing. If you need a summary of information, you can view all active quests by entering the menu (enter key) and selecting the Quests sub-menu.

You begin this game in the barracks of the castle as new recruits of the Royal Guard. After some dialogue, exit the room, and head to the left-most door in the castle. This will lead to another lengthy section of dialogue containing information about your first quest: stopping the bandit chief from harassing miners in the gem mines. After this briefing, exit the castle by heading down until you reach the doors. You will now be taken to the world map. Move your character over the gem mine and press the X key to get the first quest of this role-playing game underway!

After another lengthy bit of dialogue, travel down the center path as ordered. You will be given a quick refresher of the controls, which may help you (you can skip this dialogue by rapidly pressing the Z key if you choose). You may want to save your game using the save crystal to the left of this cave. If you are wounded in battle, return to this crystal to save your game and heal your wounds. Forge onward, taking the right path to reach your destination (you can take the left fork if you want more loot, but this puts you at a greater risk of random encounters and leads to a dead end). Head south to open a treasure chest full of potions. These potions are useful for healing your characters, so be sure to collect them. Head north until you find a path going left. Follow this path to advance, or continue north for more treasure, it's up to you. Along the left path, you will find some miners held captive by bandits. Free the miners by defeating the bandits. Once you have freed the miners, the first leg of your quest is complete. Continue onwards to defeat the bandit chief and complete the quest!

Mardek Chapter 2: A New Hero is an excellent retro-style role-playing game that will please fans of the genre. Dialogue is important in this RPG, however, so if you are not a fan of lots of reading or story-based gameplay, you may not get the full entertainment experience out of this game.