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Mardek Instructions

There are different controls for different phases of the game in Mardek. While you are in the field, you will use the the arrow keys a lot. Alternatively, you can also use the W, A, S, and D buttons, which I find to be much more comfortable. As for action and interacting with other characters, just press X. To bring up the menu, hit the Enter button. While you are in the menu section, you will use your controls for the most part. Hover your mouse to different items in the menu to examine, check the properties, as well as the abilities. While hovering your mouse over a certain item, press E to examine it, P to bring up its properties, and A to know its abilities. When you are in battle, which is the MOST exciting phase of the game, you will select your chosen action with the mouse. There are so called Reaction skills in the game as well. The controls for these skills depend on which keys you assign them to. You can use the letters A, S, and D. Just press the corresponding key for the Reaction skill to execute it when an attack connects. Now that we are done with the controls, let's check out the game.

Mardek Walkthrough

Fans of turn-based and Final Fantasy-style RPG games rejoice. Here comes a game that will surely keep you glued on your seats: Mardek. Oh, by the way, the pixelated and retro-fashioned design of this game will surely make fans of old school video games go giddy like a school girl.

The objective of the game is quite simple: rescue the princess while you level up and get stronger along the way. Yes, nothing complicated about the goal. Getting there, however, is a different story. But don't worry. Here's a walkthrough for the first 3 stages that will set your sails in the right direction.

The Dragon's Lair:

After watching the introduction or skipping it, go through the door. Just press X to open it. There you will encounter the first monsters in the game. Naturally, they are easy to deal with and dispose. As long as you use your actions and reaction skills well, you shouldn't have any trouble. After all, you are one of the strongest heroes in the Belfan Kingdom. Once these monsters are taken care of, take the loot and go ahead with your journey. Go straight up and through the next door at the top. You will find a staircase. Climb it and you will find the dragon, which is quite sooner than expected. Anyway, after some weird exchange of words, the battle will commence.

Dealing With The Boss, The Dragon:

Once the battle starts, attack the dragon right away. And, oh, don't forget to use your damage boosting skills. It's value when it comes to taking down beefy enemies is just priceless. Also, if you want to use Deugan's spells, just go ahead. BUT you can defeat the monster with just your spells. Keep on hacking at it. Use the reaction skills and recover when you are low on health. Just rinse and repeat the process and you are good to go. Watch as the dreaded dragon go down in a moment's notice. Tadahh, the princess is rescued. And if beating the game at the second level doesn't sound right, that's because it isn't.

REAL Life:

Yes, folks. Everything was just a part of your wild imagination. After that, you are in real life. The bad news is this: you are not really a hero. Your stats, your skills, your gold, and everything else is just pathetic and horrible. Here's what you need to do: go to the abandoned house above you and open that chest to get the 3 potions inside it. Go back outside and exit the Heroes' Den to the south. Enter the map from there and click on Gonzor to get there.

After that, follow the path to the east, go southward across that bridge. Enter the very first house you come to find. Your mom will tell you something about your dad. Go upstairs, go to your bed, and rest. There, you will witness your change of fate starting with a strange cutscene. Deugan will come to your room. And he wants you to come with him.

If you are able to get to this part, you should know the basic mechanics of the game and have gotten used to the controls by now. From here, you are on your own buddy. There's much to explore in Mardek. Don't waste a moment. Go now.