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Legend of the Void Instructions

Legend of the Void is controlled by using the mouse, but there are also keyboard shortcuts available. Click on the map to move your character. Press R to toggle running. In combat, click on skills at the bottom of the screen to select actions. Click on enemies to target them with the selected action.

Legend of the Void Walkthrough

Legend of the Void is a role-playing game with an exploration system similar to that of Diablo and combat similar to that of turn-based RPGs. Legend of the Void features outstanding graphics, eighteen achievements, and an engrossing storyline. This role playing game is quite large so it may take a long time to load on slower connections, but it is worth the wait!

When you first play Legend of the Void, you will be given a choice of three characters: the Mage, the Warrior, or the Rogue, similar to the first Diablo. The Mage is a magical character that uses powerful spells to defeat foes. The Warrior uses brute strength and powerful weapons and armor in battle. Finally, the Rogue is a versatile character that primarily uses bows (my personal choice). Choose the character that best fits your playing style. If you play for a while and earn achievements, but later decide that you'd rather use a different character, do not worry; this RPG retains achievements for all characters that you create on the same computer, so you can create as many characters as you wish without having to earn achievements again and again!

Your objective in Legend of the Void is to stop an evil necromancer from destroying the world. Immediately after you select, modify, and name your character, you will be taken to a cutscene explaining the backstory of the game. The Arch-Mage, Gazzen, has performed a demonic ritual that has placed the world in peril, and you will try to stop him. After this short cutscene, you will fight a battle against Gazzen and a few of his minions. You will definately lose this battle, so don't worry; it's all a part of the story. This battle does serve as a tutorial of this role-playing game's turn-based combat system, however.

After another brief cutscene, you will undergo your first quest. This quest is simple, but allows you to learn the basics of this RPG. Your objective here is to reach the nearest town. Just continue heading north, picking up any useful items that you can find and battling enemies. Enemies encountered in this quest are easy to defeat, and will help to give you an initial increase in your experience points. Once you've reached the northern edge of the island, head west until you find a muddy trail. Follow this trail and you will reach the town where more quests will be available. To view all active quests and their objectives click on the journal button on the left side of the screen or press the J key.

Legend of the Void is a hefty role-playing game that is sure to keep players occupied. Fortunately, you don't have to complete it in one sitting. Your progress is saved automatically at critical stages in the game, but you can also save your game manually by choosing the option under the menu (keyboard shortcut: M key). If you are a fan of RPGs, then you certainly won't want to miss this exciting adventure game!