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Knightfall 2 Instructions

In each stage, double click on a group of blocks to destroy each adjacent block - though diagonals will not work. Hit the left and right arrow keys to flip the block screen, and make sure you avoid all enemies - each will effect and attack your knight in a different way, and you can only take so much damage before you die. If you do manage to get your knight to drop on an enemy, you'll usually kill the enemy in one hit. Collect the key and exit the locked door to complete a stage.

Knightfall 2 Walkthrough

Knightfall 2 combines elements found in puzzle games and combines them with tried and true RPG gameplay. This is one RPG game that's not only addicting, but fun - and each level can turn out to be vastly different form the last.

Your only objective in each level is to grab a key and get to the door as soon as possible. Since you only have a certain amount of action points, you'll want to get the key and exit the level quickly. Running out of action points will make any actions you take deplete your health, so staying in any level for too long is a bad idea. You'll also be able to pick up items, though, and some items can restore HP and AP - but it's best to save them for more difficult levels.

The game itself consists of a world map with tons of towns and dungeons to choose from - traveling through towns will unlock dungeons, and dungeons will have a set number of stages to play through. So, once you've completed a dungeon, it's on to the next one - and once you've saved up enough gold, you'll be able to purchase items and upgrades for you character.

You'll also gain experience for killing enemies and destroying large numbers of blocks - and if you make any combos, like killing a few characters in a row, you'll gain even more. This is what makes KnightFall 2 a real RPG game, besides the puzzle gameplay, and it's what makes it so addicting.