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Knightfall Instructions

Point and double-click to destroy blocks, defeat enemies, capture keys and escape levels in this puzzle RPG game. You'll only be able to destroy blocks of the same type that are in groups of three or more. Enemies will attack if they're immediately next to you; if you land on top of them, they'll be destroyed - but some enemies take more than just one hit. Double-click on any item in your inventory to use it.

Knightfall Walkthrough

Knightfall is a successful cross between RPG game elements and puzzle-type gameplay. You'll gain levels, solve puzzles, and destroy monsters - there's not much more you could want. Starting out is easy - learning the basics of the game is no problem. You can destroy any group of blocks on the screen; you don't have to be placed next to them, as long as they're in a group of at least three. For every huge swarm of blocks you destroy, you'll gain experience points - but you'll also lose action points.

The red bar on the top of the screen represents your HP while the green bar represents your AP. Since action points are depleted by destroying blocks, you'll have to be conservative with them - when you run out of AP altogether, you'll start running out of health, too. Gaining a level will increase your HP and you'll be able to use items to recover health and action points during stages.

Each level will contain a certain amount of stages, and as you complete them all, you'll move onto the next level. With a huge overworld map, Knightfall will keep you pretty busy - the RPG game elements will be familiar to fans of the genre, and gameplay will intrigue anyone who has ever played a puzzle game. Overall, Knightfall is a challenging flash game that will have you coming back for more - as long as you keep using items, destroying enemies, and gaining levels, you should be alright.