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Kings Island Instructions

If you have played RPG games before, the controls of King Island should be a piece of cake to handle. Once you get the game started, for the most part, you will use your mouse to interact with the game. You can move, use equipment, do actions, and everything else in between by clicking and using the drag and drop function. Along with that, you'll be able to use potions and scrolls that her in your fast access slots and all you have to do is click the right is on the interface or, alternatively, you can use the keys 1 to 5. As for your inventory, journal, and characteristic screens, you can easily access them by clicking the icon interface. On the other hand, if using the keyboard is much more comfortable for you, You can reach them by pressing the I, L, and C keys. Should you need to pause the game just press the escape or P button. While the game is paused you can save your progress.

Kings Island Walkthrough

If you're quite familiar with RPG games, the usual hack and slash games, playing this game should be a piece of cake. All you have to do is launch the game and just crush everybody that comes across.

Just pay careful attention to the nature of the attacks that your weapons will carry out. However, if you are new to RPG games, and if you would like to have some tips and tricks under your sleeve, then read on.

For those new to this game, the interface, the flow of the game, etc. can be quite confusing and intimidating. Here's a simple guide that should help you along the way. Let's start off with the basic movements first: Moving the mouse pointer around the world, you will notice that its appearance will change depending on what actions you can perform on various objects and characters.

If the water stays the same, just click on the place and your character will move to that section... to that exact spot where you clicked. On the other hand, if the changes to a sword, that means the character or unit that the mouse cursor is hovering over is an enemy. Just click on the enemy and your character will automatically move towards him and attack.

Collectibles: You will find a lot of them in Kings Island as with most RPG games. When your mouse passes over a collectable item, It will change into a hand. To pick it up, just click on the object and that's about it. However, not all collectible objects are created equal. Some have great value. Some are junk. And some lie somewhere in between. It's very important that you check first one is that object you're about to pick. That's especially true when you take in consideration that the room in your backpack as well as your strength for carrying that backpack is limited.

Dialogues: interaction is important in RPG games. Whether it's interacting with fellow players or non-player characters in the game, dialogue is crucial. The hints, clues, and directions that you get from the from these conversations are valuable especially when you're just starting out.

When you move your mouse over a character and it shows a dialog icon, that means you can have a talk with him. Just click to start talking and click again until you finish the conversation, and you get all the info the character could ever give.

Summing things up, just like most RPG games out there, Kings Island is one of those games that you cannot finish in one sitting.

Well unless you're willing to spend for hours straight in a game, then that's a different story. Being used to how the game flows by doing it over and over again is essential. If you don't get things right the first try, that's okay. And there is no better time to get started in this RPG game than now.