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Kingdoms at War : Conquest! Instructions

Point and click to explore new lands, train new armies, send spies to distant kingdoms, and battle enemies. You'll start out with only one plot of land, but as you complete the required in-game tutorial, you'll gain land and gold - and then join the ranks of online players - straight into the fray.

Kingdoms at War : Conquest! Walkthrough

Kingdoms at War: Conquest! is an RPG game with a strange concept; although it starts out like a normal, single-player game, it ends up becoming very open-ended. You'll be able to join and conquer with (or try to destroy) hundreds, if not thousands of other players with their own separate kingdoms. And there's a variety of things you can do - you can join factions, hire other players, and combine armies to take over others - or, you can send spies, assassinate other players' soldiers, and steal money from their kingdoms.

The in-game tutorial will give you a rundown of almost every feature you'll end up using later. It goes over how to explore land; which only takes a double-click, and it gives you a task list that explains everything else. Once you've completed the tutorial, you'll be able to read messages from other players, and if you expand your kingdom enough, you'll run into other players as well.

This makes for an exciting, unique RPG game experience. Since you're playing against real people, on a level playing field, you won't know what to expect each time you play. You can try different strategies and build different alliances, or you can turn on other players when they least expect it and try and make as much gold as you possibly can - probably the overall goal of the game.

All in all, Kingdoms at War is one game you won't want to miss - and you'll see just how many others are enjoying it once you complete the tutorial. Once you're among them, it's only a matter of time until you try to conquer them - or be conquered yourself.