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Hands of War Instructions

The controls of this RPG game is very simple. Use the W, A, S, and D buttons on your keyboard for movement. The mouse and the left click button, on the other hand, allows you to pick up those items while keeping your inventory and shop managed and tidied up. Through out the game, you will have to do A LOT of navigating across the map. You will find that moving all the way to the end of the screen allows you to move to a new panel. Your toolbar, which you always need to keep an eye on, is located at the bottom right section of the screen. By the way, for the uninitiated, your toolbar comes very handy when it comes to bringing up certain things like your map, character stats, and everything else in between.

Hands of War Walkthrough

Hands Of War - this is one of those RPG games where your choices count A LOT. Yes, your decisions can have serious in-game consequences and can positively or negatively affect how people in the game look at you, and ultimately, it can turn around the outcome you are expecting. The game sets in a land that has been ravaged, destroyed by a long-standing civil war between two opposing factions. You, on the other hand, is set out to do whatever it is that your heart desires.

Will you go forth with the noble Alliance in their efforts to defeat the Shadow Runners? Would you rather be a wise and power Magician and fight everything in their name? On the other hand, you can end up as a very cunning and resourceful Tracker - one who preserves everything natural and keeps those that are around him in accordance to the unwritten BUT known laws of nature. It all boils down to you and you alone. Make your choice, and make it wisely. Again, every action and decision you make in the game have negative and positive consequences. You better know how to weigh them correctly.

Just like in most RPG games, there are different classes and races to choose from. In this case, there are 3. Each of these classes comes with their own and unique set of skills and abilities. After typing in your character's name right in the middle of your screen, pick the class that you think you are adept in handling. There's the Warrior, the Ranger, and last BUT not the least, there's the Wizard. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

Warrior: Ah, an RPG game won't be complete without the warrior class. When it comes to power, defense, and strength, the warriors are in a level of their own. Enemies will surely find a warrior hard to take down, and to make matters worse for his opponents, he can kill them in one swoop. With high armor, fast rate of recovery, and beefy HP, the Warrior class is almost perfect... if only for one thing. They use melee sword attacks, which means ranged enemies can give them a hard time. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you pick this class. Blade Masters are the perfect faction for a warrior.

Rangers: The reason why beginners may want to steer clear from this class is because it starts off weak. HOWEVER, in the hands of an adept RPG gamer, this is only temporary. A well rounded class and character, rangers get stronger as you progress in the game. With incredible move speed, he can easily move from one spot in the map to another and dodge enemy attacks with ease. With his ranged and fast bow attacks, he can take out enemies from a distance. The downside with the ranger, however, is that, when is surrounded by enemies, he can be easily taken down. His health will go down the drain. The average recovery rate is also of little help in these situations. Trackers - this is the perfect faction for these long ranged and fast attackers.

Wizards: 2 phrases perfectly describe this class: 'high damage output' and 'amazingly fast recovery rate'. During the late phases of the game, Wizards are the greatest damage dealers, and the fact that they easily recover their energies...allowing them to throw one devastating spell after another. Here's the not-so-good stuff about Wizards, though: their health is dangerously low and recovers very slowly too. Their slow normal attack speed doesn't help either. Wizards are glass-canons. They can be devastating, BUT they can be just as easily overwhelmed and demolished when they are out of position. Expert RPG gamers are the most suitable handlers of Wizards. Surviving is paramount for Wizards, and people with good micro skills and positioning can pull it off. The Magicians is the perfect faction for this class.

There are many more nuances to find out in the game. HOWEVER, reading about them is NOT a good way to learn them. Play Hands Of War. Choose your side, and be ready to make decisions.