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Mouse. That's it.

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A dungeon-crawling action RPG that's simple to play and even simpler to master, Hack Slash Crawl plays like Diablo in a way, but with more hotkey use. At the beginning, you pick your race and class, ignore the fact that Demon and Celestial appear multiple times, there are far more races than you think. Each race has its own bonuses and a few have their own abilities right off the bat, such as demons doing additional fire damage on contact and vampires draining life from their enemies.

The classes also give several skills of their own to give you an edge in the game, so try them all out and see what race/class combo works best for the playing style that you use.

Each character has four stats aside from HP and MP. Strength affects the damage output of your physical attacks, stamina affects both your HP and regeneration speed, Willpower affects MP and regen speed, and intellect increases your damage output.

To run them all down, Humans have a boost to all stats and resistances, Atlantians can cast the Freezing Wind spell regardless of their equipment, Vampires drain 1HP for every 5 damage they do, Golems are highly resistant to all forms of damage, Celestials are natural healers and are resistant to all elements, but weak to fire. Demons are resistant to fire attacks and do a small amount of extra fire damage in melee combat, Dryad gain the entangle spell, Draconians gain the Fire Breath spell, Werewolves have a faster regeneration speed, and Kitilid can poison enemies and create a damage over time field.

Onto the classes, Duelists gain a bonus to their combat abilities when fighting in single combat, giving them an advantage against boss enemies. Hunters have an increased level of resistance to poison and ice, while having higher strength and intellect. Juggernauts have higher innate armor, and can cast the Shield spell which nullifies the next three attacks against you. Charmers get the Charm spell which turns enemies to your side, Reapers gain the Critical strike ability along with higher strength. Lightwielders have higher willpower and can cast the very useful Heal ability. Explorers have higher willpower and are highly resistant to all forms of damage. Cursed is an interesting class, any attack against them is turned into a random element, but cursed gain +20 to all resistances making them extremely durable. Necromancers have higher willpower, and can also summon one or three skeletons. The skeleton type changes as the necromancer levels up through exploring. The Magus has higher intellect and gains the Ignite spell for his personal usage. Fighters have higher strength, stamina, and armor, but otherwise no unique abilities, and finally, the wanderer has improved resistances and higher stamina.

By killing monsters and opening chests in the dungeon, you will find items that increase your stats. It is through these items that you will have more abilities to use, such as Charge. Equipping items that have a spell or special ability listed on their boosts will grant immediate use of the spell for as long as you are wearing it.

At the end of each floor, there will be a boss monster with countless minions. They are powerful and are not to be taken lightly, and are also often accompanied by a healer among their posse who can restore his health faster than you can bring it down.

By accomplishing certain goals in the game, you will acquire titles that can be given to your next character, such as The Deadly or The Abyssal. These titles grant bonuses to your character allowing you to push your limits further and further every time you play.