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Goblin Defense 2 Instructions

Use the left and right arrow keys to aim either up or down; hit the spacebar to shoot arrows and hold it down to auto shoot. Hit the D key to upgrade damage, the S key to upgrade speed, the A key to upgrade your archers' HP, the W key to upgrade your wall HP, the Q key to upgrade your power up caller, and the E key to build a wizard turret. You'll be able to purchase upgrades during and in between rounds, so don't worry about saving up your money.

Goblin Defense 2 Walkthrough

Goblin Defense 2 is the sequel to the aptly-named Goblin Defense - an RPG game where you'll have to fend off hordes and hordes of, you guessed it, goblins. Now, in the sequel, you'll be fighting off those same hordes - except they've gotten stronger. Waves of goblins will arrive in timed intervals, and once you've defeated a whole wave, you'll have even more time to purchase upgrades.

Upgrades can range from menial things like the amount of HP your archers have to important things like how much damage they can do. Upgrading your damage and rate of fire is probably your top priority when you start playing, but after a while your needs will even out.

As the rounds go on, though, you'll encounter stronger and stronger goblins - while they might have only had clubs at first, they'll end up having carts, shields, and even bows - to fire arrows back at you. In later waves, you'll have to eliminate some goblins sooner than others, but those goblins stand out quickly.

While at the beginning of the game it's okay to let goblins swarm at your base, so you can shoot them all at once, it's something you'll never be able to do towards the end of the game. With the RPG game elements Goblin Defense has, a scaled difficulty is one of them - the game gets harder and harder. As long as you keep upgrading what's necessary, though, you should be alright - and you should be able to fight off the hordes for quite some time.