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Frontier Instructions

RPG games are MORE about good problem-solving and strategy-making skills. It's not so much about having reflexes and finger-speed that could bore a hole in your keyboard. In light of that, the control scheme of this game is very easy. Played entirely with your computer's mouse, as long as you know how to point and click, then you are good to go. Just one reminder: when the game asks you to store more memory, just click OK. Oh! And one last thing, you need to bring a lot of 'smarts' with you. This isn't one of your average RPG games!

Frontier Walkthrough

Build your own economic empire. Race through the lands in a 'search and destroy' mission for the Buccaneers, which is an evil pirate organization bent on creating havoc and destruction. Join hands with the Enforcers to put a stop to this organization and keep the land safe and peaceful. These are just some of the possibilities in Frontier - an RPG game where the goal sounds simple: to carve a name for yourself. BUT at what is the price to pay? What is the 'name' you want to create? How are you going to get there? That's for you to discover... and that's EXACTLY the reason why this is head and shoulders ahead of your average RPG games - it requires you to think for yourself!

While this is not one of your traditional RPG games, the form Frontier takes very much resembles that of an economics game. BUT the path ahead of you is not 'cut and dried'. The path is non-linear - you need to destroy enemies (the Buccaneers in particular). On the other hand, you can bring a city down to its knees and own it. There are items you need to collect. You need to earn money to survive. And once you have enough stuff going for yourself, you can do pretty much anything you want. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming!

With 50 different cities that you can visit and trade on, which are located in 10 different environments, this is one of those RPG games that can get easily addictive. PLUS, add the fact that each city has its own financial opportunities and guild headquarters (where you can find MORE missions and purpose), this game has its own world that you can easily be sucked into.

For starters and for gamers who haven't dabbled much into RPG games, the sheer number of options (from customizing your character, deciding which city you want to trade in, etc.) can get very confusing and overwhelming. I think it helps if you have some goal in mind... and some tips that would help you get past the initial challenges. Let me show you a brief view of how I played Frontier and what are some of the goals I pursued... FERVENTLY if I may add!

Tip 1 Getting Started In The Right Direction - When you start in the game, you are given 5000 gold. My advice? Take that and buy a bunch of coal. Forget about equipments and fighting gears for the time being. Your aim is to have a stable start. What you should do now is compare the buying price of coal for different towns. Find one that pays the most for coal to maximize your profit. Once you have found it, go there and sell it. Now you will have more than what you had earlier. BUT don't buy any weapons or armor yet. Grab a cart instead. Buy coal, find a city that pays a good deal of money for it, etc. - in simpler terms, rinse and repeat the process. This should enable you to hire someone. From there, you can take whichever path you want. Perhaps you want to find a guild. If so, I highly recommend joining the Enforcers.

Tip 2 50,000 Gold For The Win - Yes, fellas. You have read that right. 50,000 gold would make you really powerful in this game. Let's do a little bit of math: it would take 10,000 gold to get the BIGGEST vessel available in the game. The 40,000 remaining gold is enough to grab the best weapons, armors, and fighters around. Piece them together and you are, more or less, unstoppable.

The question, now, is HOW do you do it? Start off by looking for two towns (do this one day apart) that have HUGE price differences. Once you have found these 2 towns, you are half way there. Buy and sell items that will make you the most profit first. Forget about spending money on equipments and weapons for now. It may sound risky BUT it's very doable. You may have to run from Buccaneers (and even Enforcers if you have items from the Black Market), BUT trust me, it's all worth it. Rinse and repeat the whole process. It should only take you 12 days of constant buying-and-selling (and running around) to amass 50,000 gold. Once you have that, you should know by now what to do.

Create your unstoppable army and have fun winning the game!