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If you have played an RPG games before, the controls of Fellowship of Kings should be very familiar. For just about everything, you need your mouse. For interacting with people around you and in game characters, for picking up those valuable items, for changing your equipments, slaying monsters, and everything else in between, all you need to do is move your mouse and know where to click. With that taken care of let's get on with the game

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Legend Of Zelda, who could forget this RPG game? Back in the days when Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and other modern RPG games weren't out yet, Legend Of Zelda was around to keep the action and adventure flowing when boring winter nights hit.

It's not as spectacular and great looking as many of today's RPG games, but it was the best back then and quickly became a legend. And for fans of this legend, here's a treat for you: Fellowship Of Kings. A flash-based RPG game, this is a throwback to the good old times. Staying true to its predecessor, the graphics of Fellowship of Kings is not spectacular... it's not jaw-dropping. But it is fun.

If you're looking for the perfect RPG game, then this may not be for you. There are a couple of issues that still need fixing. For example, in Fellowship of Kings, you can go up against hundreds and hundreds of monsters and hideous creatures and you don't have to worry about a single thing.

Why? Because they will only attack you one at a time. All you need to do is keep on whacking with with your sword or whatever weapon you have. And when your health runs low, grab a potion, drink it, refresh your health, and you should be okay. Just rinse and repeat until you eradicate all of those that are getting in the way. YES, strategy is absent from the gameplay. If you want an RPG game that would make you pull your hair out... while thinking of the correct strategy and tactics, you may want to skip this game.

Also, I think the game would be a lot more fun if after the battle sequences, you were given a summary of how many enemies you have slain, how much damage you took, how many potions you had to drink to survive, and other sorts of info that will keep you updated on the situation. Despite these shortcomings however, I still find it Fellowship of Kings really fun. I guess for me, who happens to be a huge fan of old-school RPG games, view each resemblance with Legend of Zelda as enough to keep me going from start to finish.

Looking a little closer in the game, the objective is not much different from most RPG games: it's the same "protect the castle, find the root of all evil, slay him and his minions" kind of mission.

However, the different characters you will encounter along the way made this otherwise beaten-down path quite a colorful one. Kings from different kingdoms, average citizens and Joe's who will provide valuable information, enemies adept at using different elements, and bosses will give you a run for your money... these are just some of the characters both good and bad that you'll find in the game. Yes for less it's just like the classic Legend of Zelda.

A Trick You Can't Afford Not To Have: A lot of players are complaining about how expensive the items are in this game and how hard it is to get enough dough to buy them. Here's a trick that will allow you to get all of the items you want, without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Step One: Make sure that all of your items are equipped. If they're in the new item and sell items lots, they will get deleted by this process.

Step Two: Once they're in the equipped and items slot, save your game, enter a shop, sell all of your items and buy the most expensive item you can. Take note: Do not save before you reload.

Step Three: Go outside of the shop and pull up your item screen. Viola, You will find all of your old items in the sell items box as well as the new item you bought and to top it off you have all of your gold. The nicest thing about this trick is that you can repeat it over and over and over again until you have all the money he can handle.

A treat to Zelda fans, an RPG game that you don't have to spend a dime over, plus a trick that will allow you to get all of the items you want, what on earth are you waiting for? Play the game, and experience childhood once again.