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Faction Wars Instructions

Point and click to move your warrior, attack enemies, pick up items and gold, and accept new quests to embark on. You'll receive experience per every kill you make, and depending on how much you have, you can train new abilities and take on more difficult quests. To use a different attack, select one from the menu on the bottom of the screen. Click on either health or energy potions when you need them, and depending on who you kill - you'll either increase your rating with one faction or decrease it with another.

Faction Wars Walkthrough

You'll begin Faction Wars in a town, with a ton of stuff to do: you'll have to figure out what factions you want to play with, what skills and class you want your character to grow into, and what first quests you'll want to start with. Though it may seem a little overwhelming at first, Faction Wars is an easy, simplistic RPG game that's easy to get the hang of.

The two main factions of the game - the alliance and the shadow runners - are what you'll have to choose between right away. The shadow runners are seeking to dominate the world, while the alliance's overall goal is to protect it. Right from the start of the game you'll be able to accept a quest with either side - so choose carefully; it will affect the rest of the game.

You'll find save points and trainers and shops in every city you come across; while you're in cities, also, you can sell items by dropping them in the sell box when accessing your inventory. Next, as soon as you reach a certain level, new skills will become available to your character - make sure you snatch these as fast as you can - you'll need them for some of the more difficult enemies you'll come across.

Since your character does move slowly, there are a few tricks you can keep in mind so you won't have to spend most of your time waiting while playing Faction Wars. When you kill any enemy, it usually drops gold, or some kind of an item - instead of walking over to pick it up, you can save time by simply clicking on the item - no matter where you are on the map. And, if you want to save a little bit of money - and don't mind waiting - keep in mind that your health regenerates over time. So you don't even have to buy health potions at all; but it's probably best that you do.