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Evil Nights Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control your character; scroll your mouse wheel or use the 1-9 number keys to select spells. Hit the Q key to use a healing potion and the E key to use a will potion. Use your cursor to aim at demons and click the left mouse button to cast spells. Be sure to upgrade spells, repair buildings, and place crossbow men during the day, since you won't be able to at night.

Evil Nights Walkthrough

Evil Nights is a cross between an RPG game and an action game - there are equal amounts of strategy, hectic clicking, and upgrading. When you start the game, you're in a village with a small population - because of the flying demon attacks that take place every night. It's up to you, a wizard, to not only stop these attacks but allow the population to increase to 45. Not only will flying demons try to stop you and kill of the population, but ground demons can also be spawned, and they're just as dangerous.

Evil Nights consists of two stages - daytime and nighttime. During the day you'll be able to upgrade your stats and spells, as well as hire crossbowmen to help you fend off the horde. After subsequent attacks, you'll be able to repair houses during the day so they won't be so easily destroyed at night. Nighttime, however, is all about fending off attacks - there's not much else you can do.

To fight off the flying demons, you'll have 9 spells to choose from. The effects of these spells range from paralyzing enemies to teleporting across the village. During an attack you'll be able to switch spells on the fly with the 1-9 number keys, and it's also best if you pay attention to the mini-map the game gives you - it shows where all demons are located, and buildings being attacked will be highlighted.

Overall, Evil Nights is a successful combination of standard RPG game upgrading with hectic demon-slaying action. Although the graphics may be a little cheesy and dated, the gameplay is solid, and seeing the effects of different spells is entertaining as well. Just remember that you can buy and use potions - they just might save you.