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Eukarion Tales 2 Instructions

Eukarion Tales 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to move, to interact with objects and to attack enemies. The mouse is also used to interact with the game's interface and use items on your belt. Keyboard hotkeys may also be employed to use belt items.

Eukarion Tales 2 Walkthrough

Eukarion Tales 2 is the sequel to the role-playing game, Eukarion Tales. Eukarion Tales 2 features improved graphics, a new character to play as, thirty-three new areas to explore, and eighteen achievements.

Unlike the first Eukarion Tales, Eukarion Tales 2 allows players to set their desired level of difficulty at the beginning. If you are new to the game, I advise you to play on the easy difficulty level. Another difference between this role-playing game and its predecessor is automatic saving. You can still save manually by clicking on the options button in the upper-right corner (or pressing the escape key) and choosing to save, but your progress will also be autosaved at some points in the game.

Eukarion Tales 2 begins with a brief tutorial. If you have played the first Eukarion Tales, you may want to skip the tutorial since the controls and interface remain the same, but it may also help to refresh your memory. After the tutorial, you will have free control of Marcus III, the protagonist from the previous game. Your quest in this role-playing game is to find the Sacred Tree, but before you can leave camp, you will have to get Commander Luther's permission. Follow the path that heads upwards and leftwards (we'll call this north from now on, although it is often hard to tell orientation in isometric games) until you spot Luther. Talk to him and he will tell you that he will help you on your quest if you manage to kill the goblin leader. Equip the dagger that he gives you (what happened to all of the fancy weapons that Marcus had from the previous game?) and move east to leave the camp and head towards the goblin outpost.

The goblins won't take too kindly to you being in their territory, but for the most part, they are weak fodder enemies that should give you now trouble. Follow the path until your reach a blue portal, slaughtering enemies as you go. If you gain enough experience to level up, but sure to allocate your characteristic and ability points to upgrade your character. Once you reach the blue portal, you will enter the second part of the goblin outpost. Repeat the process in this area and follow the path until you reach a fork. Take the path the goes west, and follow it until you reach another blue portal. Follow the path north, then west until you reach the goblin commander. Kill him, then return with his head to the encampment. Congratulations, you have completed your first mission in this RPG. Good luck, as your journey will be an arduous one!

Eukarion Tales 2 retains the basic gameplay and controls of its predecessor while also containing a slew of new content. Fans of role-playing games, especially those that enjoyed the first Eukarion Tales, will not want to miss Eukarion Tales 2!