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Epic Quest Instructions

Epic Quest is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to use items and perform actions.

Epic Quest Walkthrough

Epic Quest is an role-playing game with a focus on battle rather than storyline development. Epic Quest features a variety of different monsters, detailed graphics, and four different zones to fight in, each with numerous of battles to win!

The goal of Epic Quest is to win all battles across each zone and restore peace and order to the land. More battles and places on the map, such as shops, are unlocked after winning battles. If all members of your party are defeated in a battle, this RPG will come to an abrupt end. Epic Quest features a save system, but unlike many Flash role-playing games, your progress is no saved automatically. You are encouraged to save your game manually by clicking on the button labeled "Save" in the lower-left corner of the map interface.

You must choose a party composition at the beginning of Epic Quest. You are given a maximum of one thousand points, and each monster has its own cost. To view a monster's statistics and abilities, hover your mouse over the monster's icon. To include the monster in your party, click on the monster's icon, then click on one of the three circles. If you make an error and wish to remove a monster from your party, click on their portrait to remove them. I advise creating a party that utilizes at least one strong physical character and one strong magical character.

You will also have the opportunity to buy new creatures with money that you earn in this role-playing game. If you want to level up your creatures, or gain more money to buy extra monsters, it is a good idea to repeat some of the easier battles. Speed-running is not a good idea in Epic Quest, because by the fourth battle, you will wish that you had leveled up! Be sure to level up any additional characters that you buy for your party as well to get maximum effectiveness out of your purchase.

Epic Quest is a great RPG for gamers that prefer a focus on battle over lore and characterization. Epic Quest is a perilous journey, but it is highly-addicting; just remember to save often!