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Elona Shooter Instructions

A hybrid of shooting and RPG games' elements, Elona Shooter is played, for the most part, with your mouse: (1) Move the mouse to aim for the enemy, and (2) when you are all set, press the left click button to pull the trigger. When you run out of ammunition, just press the Space Bar button to reload. There are different weapons and items to use in this shooting / RPG game. To cycle or switch through them, just use the number keys 1 to 5. Just check out your weapon and items inventory located at the bottom of the game screen to know which number switches to which weapon. With the controls taken care of, let's have a closer look at the game...

Elona Shooter Walkthrough

Nicely done RPG games are good. BUT RPG games that seamlessly integrate the most popular elements of tower defense and shooting games into one neat package are heaven sent! If you are on the hunt for such RPG games, don't worry. The search is over. It's here - Elona Shooter. Created and developed by Noa, you may find it strikingly similar to the Rogue-like RPG Elona. Yes, the graphics, themes, and designs of both games resemble each other... BUT that's where the similarities end!

What makes Elona Shooter stand out from other RPG games, including RPG Elona, is the level of polish it has. That's even more impressive when you consider that this is Noa's first attempt in creating and developing a flash game. First attempts usually don't amount to anything impressive, BUT this is one of those RPG games that exceeded expectations. Elona Shooter draws inspiration from many popular gaming genres: (1) It has elements of a good tower / castle defense game, and (2) it is also beefed up with influential and popular Asian RPG game elements. The objective is very straightforward: you need to defend your castle. BUT who says you have to do it alone? Facing an army of ill-intentioned monsters, you need weapons, items, skills, andof course, a team of heroes. Arranged in an RPG / tactical style, you will fight off these hordes of creatures with a team of heroes.

To get the game rolling in the right direction, you first need to choose your character's class. All in all, there are 4: the Rogue, the Hunter, Sheriff, and lastly, the Militia. As you may have guessed, these classes have their own unique abilities, advantages, and disadvantages (after all, what's the point of creating hero / character classes when they do the same thing?). Reading the class selection screens should help you make up your mind. HOWEVER, if that doesn't help, I would suggest you pick the Hunter class. By far, it's the most versatile and most newbie-friendly among the bunch.

Every level has the good and old scene of incoming creeps that you have to defend against. Just like other tower defense / RPG games hybrids out there, you will face the lamest and easiest of creeps during the initial stages. How lame you ask? Let's see, what about sheep, chickens that throw eggs at your castle, and cattle for the first levels? I don't know, BUT it's like these creeps are saying: "Come on BIG boy! Take us for lunch if you can!"

Most of the creeps won't be able to do significant damage from afar. They need to get close to your castle walls to chip away on its health. But as you move into the later stages, you will face creeps that are beefed up with sophisticated weapons. They can throw projectiles from a good distance. With that in mind, you should take care of these long range attackers first whenever you see them in the field.

As I have mentioned in the control's section, all you need to do is move your mouse to move the crosshair, click to fire, rinse and repeat the process until you win. Another nicety that I really like about Elona Shooter is that, while it doesn't have a physics engine added to it, it does a good job of recognizing critical shots. Landing critical hits on a creep's head will take it down twice as fast.

The Rampage Mode is also a nice addition. You will enter this mode when you score 7 critical hits consecutively. And what does it have in store for you? It increases your weapon's damage while increasing the probability for money drops. BUT take advantage of this as it's only temporary.

If you want to specialize your use of a weapon, all you need to do is use it MORE. The more you kill with it, the more experience points you gain, which snowballs into greater levels of effectiveness in using the weapon of your choice.

It has good graphics and design, comes with nice elements from tower defense and RPG games, and created by Noa during his freshman stages as a developer - if that sounds like your cup of tea, then Elona Shooter is yours for the taking!