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Dutamassa Battle Instructions

The control scheme of Dutamasa Battle is quite typical of most turn based RPG games. It's also plain and simple. For just about everything, you need to use your mouse. When you need to choose which units to go into battle, to skip those cutscenes and dialogues, to invoke skills, etc., you just need to know where to click. Of course, being a turn based RPG game, it takes a lot of wit and good knowledge of tactics. Let's check out the game.

Dutamassa Battle Walkthrough

This is one of those turn-based RPG games that come with an interesting twist - you play with cards. Yes, it's a lot like Yu-Gi Oh, Magic The Gathering, and other trading card games we all came to know and love.

In Dutamassa Battle, you need to go back in time using your time machine. You see, there's a criminal oozing with evil aura who went back to the stone and medieval ages with a not-so-pure intent: to recruit evil forces, bring them back to the future, and rule the world. Alright, the plot sounds very generic. Nothing interesting as far as its background story goes. BUT then, we aren't playing the game for its story-telling value.

Looking at it, Dutamassa Battle showcases with MORE than 20 characters, 22 to be exact. And to make things even more diverse, there are well over 30 spells that you can cast to obliterate the opposition. Keep in mind, however, that every spell comes with a required minimum value of power. If you have that power value or if you have more than that, then you can cast your skill.

Alright, when you are battling, you won't see them actually go for each others' throat. Rather, you would see 2 cards on your screen. The top section of the cards show 2 bars - these are your character's life and power bars. Right below, you will see the character's attack and damage, the turunggamasa level it needs, as well as defense capabilities. Your turunggamasa level, by the way, increases as you add more victories under your belt. Better units with greater firepower become available as you gain more turunggamasa level.

As you progress, there will be casualties. Some of your characters may die, and they will become unusable. HOWEVER, if you think a character is too valuable to be lost, you can always revive. But be ready to pay the price. You need to sacrifice some of your turunggamasa levels to revive a character depending on how powerful and special it is.

If you are just beginning in the game, I would highly recommend that you train your characters first. Training allows your characters to increase in level, and you get to do so without sacrificing the much needed Prada points. And by the way, characters don't die during training. If you think the next bunch of enemies are too tough to handle, train your characters and beef up their stats to prepare them for battle.