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Dungeon King Instructions

Dungeon King is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the WASD keys (or the arrow keys) to move and the mouse to attack. The spacebar is used to execute special attacks. Press the shift key to switch between special attacks. The tab key is used to access the game menu and the escape key pauses the game.

Dungeon King Walkthrough

Dungeon King is an action-packed RPG that focuses on hack-and-slash combat rather than convoluted storylines. Although this version of Dungeon King is just a demo (the full version costs money), it still has beautiful graphics and epic gameplay that you can enjoy to the fullest!

In terms of gameplay, Dungeon King is like a cross between Diablo and Gauntlet Legends. Your objective is to travel through the dungeon, killing monsters as you go. There is a brief cutscene before the game starts which tells a brief story, but other than that there isn't much focus on storyline in this role-playing game. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue your game the next tie that you play.

Dungeon King uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. The WASD keys or arrow keys are used to move your character. Click on enemies within range to attack them. You can also click on barrels and other objects to destroy them (this is advisable because containers sometimes have potions or coins inside of them). Once you have unlocked special techniques, you can press the spacebar to execute them.

Although Dungeon King does not feature much character development storywise, there is plenty of character development in terms of leveling up. When enough experience is gained from killing monsters, you will level up and be given five points to allocate to various skills. Special attacks are also unlocked once you have reached certain levels. How you allocate your points is based on your preferences. If you max out a skill or technique, you will gain perks, which can make your barbarian a powerful force to be reckoned with!

Dungeon King is an addictive arcade-style dungeon crawler that is great for players that prefer action to storylines and character development. Even if you do not elect to purchase the full version of this role-playing game, you will still have a smashing-good time playing the demo!