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One of the MOST addictive RPG games series around - Duck Life. Its latest installment, Duck Life 3, has the easy and straightforward control scheme that the previous 2 games of the same name had. For the most part, you will use your keyboard's arrow keys - up, left, down, and right. It's not the same for every training / mini-game. But that's easy to take care of. Just check which of these buttons to use in the in-game notes... or better yet, read on.

Duck Life 3: Evolution Walkthrough

Duck Life is BACK! And this time, it's even weirder and FUNNIER than ever. Before anything else, Duck Life 3 is one of those RPG games that don't involve any violence. No shooting, no cleaving your enemies in half, no throwing magical spells - none of those. If that doesn't sound fun to you, then you are free to check out other RPG games. BUT if you are looking for something that's light-hearted and addictive (and weird, just can't help BUT toss that in), then you are in for a treat with Duck Life 3!

Apparently, the farmer who owned the world duck racing champions (the ducks that brought his farm back to life) back in the first 2 installments decided to take things a notch or two higher. Long story short, he is now selling genetically-engineered ducks. YES, folks, you have read that right. These ducks for sale are far from ordinary. When they evolve, they will leave the other ducks in dust. These genetically-engineered ducks have certain specialties. Let's take a look at them:

(1) Strength Type Duck - This is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the bunch. This duck is good when it comes to running and climbing. He gets an A-mark in swimming. BUT apparently, his biceps proved to be his undoing in the Flying department... netting him an abysmal C-mark.

(2) Athletic Type Duck - This is the sort that you would send into the Olympics and marathon running competitions. The athletic duck gets A-marks for running and swimming. The climbing and flying part, though, is clearly not his forte as his C-marks show.

(3) Flying Type Duck - You may be thinking: "Aren't ducks supposed to be good at flying in the first place?" Yes, they are. BUT this one is exceptionally good. It's evident with his A+ mark. Perhaps he can "out-fly" a US stealth fighter? That needs testing I believe. Anyway, as for running, swimming, and climbing, he's clearly not as good with his C, B, and C-marks respectively.

(4) Swimming Type Duck - And last BUT not the least, we have the duck that would give Michael Phelps a run (or a swim rather) for his money - the swimming type duck. Unsurprisingly, he bags an A+ score on the swimming department, BUT could only manage C, C, and B-marks for running, climbing, and flying.

There you have it - the 4 types of genetically engineered ducks you can choose from. Once you take your pick, you will be asked if that's your final decision. If it is, then just hit YES and you will be taken to that familiar screen where you get to see your duck running around and following your mouse's cursor; his levels and experience in swimming, running, flying, climbing, and energy; the feeds you can buy; and all of the other stuff you saw in the previous installments.

You will spend A LOT of your time training your ducks. Just like in the previous installments, there are 4 training regimens and this is where you will use your arrow keys: (1) There's the running test where you need to use the up arrow key to dodge incoming stuff. (2) As for the swimming test, you need to use the up and down arrow keys for diving and jumping out of water to dodge obstacles. (3) The climbing test, on the other hand, requires that you use the left and right arrow keys (4) And lastly, the flying test requires that you use the up and down keys for dodging.

The more time you spend on these training games and tests, the more experience and levels your specialized duck will earn. You don't need to push yourself to last too long in every test. Though that's how most of us go about it, you can only spend a couple of levels... do it over and over and over again, and still get that experience gain your duck needs.

Oh! By the way, don't forget to feed your ducks with energy feeds. There are 2 of them. The Super feeds are far more expensive though. OK, so now you may be thinking: "You have called this game weird earlier, why?!" You see, the graphics of this game is clean quite plain; the sound is boring; the game play isn't too exciting either... and the weird part is I'm ADDICTED to it! I just can't help BUT train my duck to evolve and reach levels other birds could only dream of. I can't help BUT go to the edge of my seat as my duck races. Not convinced? Give the game a shot. Let's see if you can say that you are not convinced!