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Duck Life Instructions

As for the controls for Duck Life, you will use the left, right, down, and up arrow keys for the most part. I will delve deeper into the details. Check out the instructions section for more info...

Duck Life Walkthrough

To be honest, I never expected to spend almost an hour in this lighthearted RPG Game. I mean take a closer look at it. The title is Duck Life yet the duckling looks more like a chick. Ridiculous, isn't it? As it turns out, you shouldn't judge a game... or a duck rather just by its looks. :D Here's the story in Duck Life: you used to live a good life. You have a farm that's bringing in tons of money. Then disaster struck. A tornado came and destroyed your livelihood. All that is left is an duck's egg. That egg is your only hope. How are you going to pull it off? Here's how: train that duckling into a sprinter, swimmer, and high flyer. Win the races. Grab the cash prize, which will ultimately rebuild your farm.

Sounds fun? Hell yeah it is. Welcome to Duck Life. Ok, first things first. Let's dissect that interface right in front of you. On the upper left section, you will find your duck's statistics: its energy levels, running, swimming, and flying skills. There are 2 different ways to upgrade your skills. You can go to the training and mini games section. Alternatively, you can buy the blue duck feeds, which will upgrade all of your duck's stats. The downside of the second method is that it takes so much coins. Blue duck feeds cost you ten each, and the very act of feeding your duck is a little time wasting in my opinion. Nevertheless, if you have won a couple of races and you have enough cash for it, go ahead and buy a bunch of blue duck feeds. HOWEVER, don't forget that the mini games and training section is where 'it's' at.

Training And Mini Games: There are 3 mini games in Duck Life - swimming, running, and flying training. The max level you could achieve for these stats is 150. Once your duck's running, swimming, and flying skills reach 150, you are ready to take on the world duck racing champion. In the running mini game, you will use the up directional key a lot. You will encounter rolling boulders along the way. If any of these rolling boulders hit you, you need to start again. Press up to jump over them.

Onto the swimming mini game, you get to use all of the arrow keys - up to swim up and jump off the water, press down to dive, and the left and right arrow keys are for making your duck move to the right direction. The objective in this mini game is to not get off the screen. There are obstacles along the way so be careful.

Last BUT not the least, we have the flying mini game. The left arrow key is for flying up, and press the right arrow key to do otherwise. One trick I found here is that when you start flying and your altitude stabilizes, just stay there. You will be able to cover greater distances, which means you will level up faster.

Oh, one last reminder: being able to run, swim, or fly fast isn't very helpful if you don't have enough energy. To increase your duckling's energy levels, buy and feed him the regular feeds. I know that feeding your duck isn't the most exciting thing to do. BUT don't worry, once you see your duck making it to the expert and BIG duck racing leagues, it's all worth it. Anyway, enough talk people. Go and train that duck to be a champ.